5th May 2021

Why The M1 iPad Pro Is The Best Tablet Out There

Why The M1 iPad Pro Is The Best Tablet Out There

At this year’s Spring Apple Special Event we expected to see the release of the new iPad Pro – and we weren’t disappointed. This time, though, it’s packed with more – and better – features than we could have ever predicted.

We anticipated it would come with an A14X chip, but Apple shocked us all by revealing it would include the M1 processor. This chip allows for a whole host of fantastic functionality, which, along with other key features, makes the M1 iPad Pro not just the best iPad, but the best tablet out there. Let us explain why.


The great thing about the iPad Pro holding an M1 chip is that it has all the extra capability of the new 24-inch iMac, but in a slim and light tablet. In fact, the performance is practically on par with the Mac, and you can still achieve the same 10 hours of battery life as you could with the previous iPad Pro model.

Its performance is twofold that of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 that’s due to be released this summer. So, instead of holding out for a device that isn’t worth the wait, enjoy double the performance from the M1 iPad Pro when it’s released in May.


With the M1 chip you also get the full 8-core GPU, meaning we should experience a 40% improvement in graphics performance. It’s also been predicted that the iPad will be up to 2.3 times quicker than the future Tab S8.


That’s not all. It seems Apple has managed to resolve the one major issue users had with the iPad Pro – the limited memory. The base model (previously offering only 6GB of RAM) has now been increased to 8GB. If you select the 1TB or 2TB storage options you automatically get 16GB RAM. Though it’s important to note that the majority of apps are optimised to run at 6GB, so it may not be worth the extra money unless you’re using high-performance apps.


When it comes to storage, you’ve got options – from 128GB up to 2TB. We’d say 128GB is too little, but 256GB is the minimum for creative and professional productivity work. The 11-inch base model comes with 128GB, but this is better suited to those performing more administrative tasks like note taking. So you shouldn’t be drawn into upgrades like 1TB of storage and 16GB of RAM unless you’re more of a creative user.


Excitingly, the iPad Pro is now the only tablet to have an actual Thunderbolt port – and this provides many benefits. You can connect to full-speed Thunderbolt drives, plus you can link up to high-bandwidth Thunderbolt hubs and docks providing you with a USB 3.2 port and 2 additional Thunderbolt ports.


You have the choice of the 11-inch or 12.9-inch model – and it’s the latter that brings you full external display support, even with the 6K Pro Display XDR. What’s more, its new mini-LED design boasts 1600 nits of peak brightness. While we did expect the device to come with a mini-LED display, we didn’t imagine it to be the brightest HDR support available.

Not only that, the specification is the same as the Apple’s Pro Display XDR, which is significantly more expensive. Although this iPad Pro model has a slightly higher price tag than last year’s, when you consider the display and the M1 chip, it’s incredible value for money. This is especially the case for those who require such fantastic display capabilities – like creative agencies.

Other features

The new iPad Pro also has optional 5G support – though this doesn’t come cheap. Unless you need constant high download and upload speeds, you can simply tether off your iPhone’s 5G capability (if available) whenever you need to. Then there’s the advanced camera features like Smart HDR 3 and the new 12MP Ultra Wide front camera known as Centre Stage. This is super beneficial as many felt the webcam on the previous iPad Pro zoomed in too closely.

It’s worth mentioning that the 12.9-inch design is slightly thicker than the previous model, so your current Magic Keyboard might not fit and you could need to buy a new one. Don’t let that put you off though, as it looks like it could even get better at this year’s WWDC event. Reliable leaker Jon Prosser has revealed that FCPX, Logic Pro and XCode – and potentially even more apps – will be available through the iPad Pro.

Leasing your iPad Pro

Whatever you choose, it’s likely to come with a premium price tag. That’s why leasing is such a great option. You can spread the payments over time, while taking advantage of all these amazing features.

We’ve updated our website with the new iPad Pro, as well as the other devices announced at the Spring Apple Event, including the iMac. So to find the right device for your business, or to discuss your leasing options, speak to our friendly team at Lease Loop. Simply fill out the form below, and we’ll be in touch.