9th October 2019

They’re Not Just For Creatives: How Macs Cater To All Enterprises

There’s no denying that Macs are the best choice for creative businesses. But this isn’t the only industry that can benefit from them. In fact, anyone can take their business forward with the Mac’s capabilities.

Join us as we explore just a few of the (many) ways these Apple devices cater to every kind of business out there…


Modern life is busy, so having the ability to be as productive as possible is key – even if you’re out-of-office. The Mac ensures this via various features. For example, it’s quicker because it uses the best processors, allowing you to move seamlessly between tasks.

Being easy-to-use, the Mac’s super simple interface means there will be minimum disturbances when working. And often, those employees who find it tough to transition from Windows to MacOS, soon get to grips with the different operating system. All they need to do is know the basics.

It also syncs with other Apple products so you can work on anything from any device. This integration not only boosts speed, but productivity.


Macs are incredibly secure as well as swift. Many of our clients chose Apple products because of the data compliance and upmost security that the devices offer.

Without the appropriate measures in place, businesses risk not only breaking the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations), they also put themselves in danger of business downtime. Even if they have backed up their data, any sort of breach could result in customers losing faith.

Thankfully, there are less cyberattacks with Mac devices compared to those using Windows. So, you can be assured that Apple is the best solution available.


Macs are also fantastic for any industry because they simply have superior, advanced features. These include its components, which make it as efficient as it can be. As a result, you’ll have optimum battery life – and there are even ways you can boost this.

It’s the highest quality tech out there. It’s built to be durable, so you can take it anywhere, without being worried it will suffer damage. With a Mac, you’ll have a device you can use for years to come. Plus, with regular system updates, your business will never miss out.
Whilst they are the best for all industries across the board, Macs still come with quite a hefty price tag. This is why many businesses, both creative and not, have opted to lease their devices instead. They spread the cost over time, allowing them to maintain a positive cash flow and grow their company.

Here at Lease Loop, we take into account your needs to find a solution that suits your enterprise perfectly. To find out more about what we can do, simply get in touch with our friendly team today.