3rd February 2022

The Anticipated Apple Special March Event: Every Potential Mac To Know About


The Anticipated Apple Special March Event: Every Potential Mac To Know About

The rumour mill is spinning again. With the exception of the last two years, Apple has long held a Special Event in March. Given that a few products were meant to be released in October 2021 but were postponed, there’s even more reason to hold an event this year.

Now, the question is: what products will be unveiled? In this blog, we discuss what’s being said on the grapevine.

Mac mini
This device was expected with the new MacBooks at the October Special Event, as predicted by reliable leaker DylanDKT – but it never came to fruition. Now it’s ready, it’s likely that the redesign will be announced at the next Apple Event. Plus, it’s thought to hold the newest silicon chip options: M1 Pro and M1 Max.

Given that Apple is currently providing a high-end Intel Mac mini device, it’s possible that this fresh machine will be its substitute. Whilst it will be more advanced than the M1 Mac that’s currently available, a low-end Mac mini with an M2 chip may arrive later.

iPad Air

As the iPad Air wasn’t updated last year, we think a fresh one could be on the cards. Its A14 chip means it’s outdated in contrast to the new iPad Mini 6, which has an A15 chip. On top of this, Apple recently registered several model numbers with the EEC – a sure sign that a fresh iPad is on the way. 

Perhaps it will be announced at the anticipated March event, or revealed via a press release. As well as the A15 processor, we expect it to have a 12MP ultra-wide camera with Centre Stage support, optional 5G, quad-led True Tone flash, quad speakers, and a dual camera system on the back (similar to the iPad Pro).

27-inch iMac

There have been rumours of a 27-inch iMac Pro for a while. DylanDKT said it was postponed until the beginning of this year, and another reliable leaker, Ross Young, revealed it would be released in the first quarter. However, we’re also hearing that there are some issues around production, which could mean a further delay.

It’s anticipated to be very similar to the 24 inch, with an identical chin, though it will have a slightly larger screen size. Plus, it requires a significantly thicker body to improve its cooling, and space for additional ports. There’s also likely to be a 12OHz ProMotion mini-LED display, along with either the M1 Pro or M1 Max chip.

12-core processor or M1 Max duo chip?

DylanDKT believes the 27-inch iMac Pro will have an M1 Max duo processor – a rumoured new chip which connects two M1 Max processors together. This would have twice the power, RAM, encoders, and Thunderbolt controllers. In a way, it makes perfect sense, as Apple wouldn’t have to spend extra money redesigning a new, bigger die.

However, it’s also been alleged that this device will have an extra 12-core CPU chip configuration instead. As desktop machines don’t really benefit from efficiency cores, it might come with performance cores entirely – leading to 50% more CPU performance, and enabling it to successfully compete with Intel’s Alder Lake processors.

Though, Mac enthusiasts are sceptical for a few reasons – like the fact that all the rumours are surrounding M1 Pro and M1 Max chips. Having said this, it could be that the 12-core processor will turn into the M2 Pro chip, which would be released in Mac devices next year. 

Mac leasing support

We’ll have to wait and see what happens with the Apple Event and product releases. Currently, there’s no 27-inch iMac in stock, but there isn’t a 14-inch or 16-inch MacBook Pro either, due to COVID-19 causing a global chip shortage. It’s difficult to go by our traditional gauges, but as the 27-inch iMac was meant to be released last year, we’re hoping it will arrive soon.

Once it is announced, it’ll likely be available the next month – again, because of the supply chain situation. It will come at a premium price too, but this is where Lease Loop can help. Rather than risking your cash flow, you could spread the cost over time. Plus, our support can help you to achieve your growth ambitions.

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