21st April 2021

Apple’s Spring Loaded Special Event: Every Announcement Your Business Needs To Know

The Spring Apple Special Event finally took place and it definitely didn’t disappoint. With the announcement of a new iMac and iPad Pro (both with the M1 chip), a fresh Apple TV and the long-awaited AirTags – it was every Apple enthusiast’s dream.

Want to find out more about these new devices’ updated features? Here, we dive into all the exciting details that prove why the Spring Loaded event was well worth the wait.

M1 24-inch iMac

A brand-new iMac was high on our list of expectations. What no one could quite agree on was which would make the upgrade. In the end, we settled on the 24-inch version – and as it turns out, so did Apple. Just remember that while it’s marketed as a 24 inch, the display is actually 23.5 inches on the diagonal – a useful inside tip!

Our predictions also rang true with the return of colour choices. With up to seven options available (or four if you go for the base model), it brought a sense of nostalgia for many. Colour-matched accessories were announced too, including the Magic Mouse, trackpad and three types of Magic Keyboard. 

While there’s limited choice if you opt for the entry-level device (only one is colour matched), pick the higher specification iMac and you’ll gain wireless touch ID. What’s more, this new design is only 11.5mm thick! A reduction of 50% and a clear sign that Apple is succeeding in its vision to make the physical computer all but disappear.

It doesn’t end there. The top-level version comes with greater connectivity, including additional ports and a Gigabit Ethernet connection built into the power charger. As expected, it’s been upgraded to the same M1 chip that’s used across the MacBook Airs, Pros and Mac minis. There’s also a 1080 Facetime HP camera, a studio-quality mic, and a six-speaker sound system for the best video and audio yet.

Other key differences between the entry-level and higher-level device include the base model, which has a 7-core GPU compared to 8 cores. There’s also less storage available, though both come with super-fast Thunderbolt ports and an excellent 4.5K Retina display. 

The 21.5” iMac hasn’t completely disappeared. The 2.3Ghz model still survives. Apple have kept this as an option for office admin or home users who don’t want the M1 Chip.  As for the 27-inch iMac, we’re betting on a business-savvy upgrade that sees a boost to 32 inches (sadly without the colour choices!) later on in the year. 

M1 iPad Pro

An update to the iPad Pro was also on the cards – though it was questionable when this would take place. We’re glad to say that a brand-new M1 iPad Pro has now been revealed. The big thing to mention here is that the 12.9 inch has a Liquid Retina XDR display just like the 6K monitor. There’s also a feature called Centre Stage, which offers new possibilities through the latest Ultra Wide camera. 

If you’re a creative agency that designs games, you’ll be glad to know that these devices support specific game controllers with haptic feedback. On top of that they have Wi-FI 6, the LiDAR scanner and a Thunderbolt port.

Apple TV and AirTags

Heading outside of the Mac realm, the event saw the reveal of a new Apple TV – which has seen three years pass without an upgrade! This fresh model is powered by their A12 Bionic chip, and now supports HFR visuals when watching HDR content.

After years of rumours we were also introduced to Apple AirTags. These use the current Find My ecosystem (which will help you to locate lost items such as keys), and include cool accessories like bag charms and keyrings. 

Mac business leasing

If you want to move forward with either the 24-inch iMac or the new iPad Pro, they’re both available to order at the end of April. Delivery is from mid-May, so you won’t have long to wait to reap the rewards of fresh equipment. 

Purchasing outright may cause a bit of a stumbling block, but there is an alternative. Instead of covering the costs of these premium devices upfront, with Lease Loop, you can spread the payments over time.

To find out more, register your details below and we’ll get in touch to talk you through the most suitable leasing options for your business.