15th April 2021

The April Apple Event Has Been Confirmed: Here’s What To Expect

The first Apple Special Event of the year was set to take place on the 16th March. Unsurprisingly, it was postponed until the 23rd March. Then, without a word of warning, it was off. As April rolled around many of us had hope, but the first fortnight went by without a whisper. That was until the 13th April, when Siri prematurely revealed plans for the event to certain devices.  

After a will-they-won’t-they scenario that gave Ross and Rachel from Friends a run for their money, Apple finally sent out invites for its ‘Spring Loaded’ event, set to take place on the 20th April. While we don’t yet know the specific details, we’re ready to see what Apple has planned for 2021 and beyond. Join us as we reveal our predictions for the event…  

21.5-inch iMac  

It’s been some time since Apple refreshed the iMac – over a decade in fact. So following the November 2020 Special Event, we expect to see the latest iMac sporting not only the highly anticipated M1 Chip, but a new design and an updated display – the makeover it truly deserves.  

At the April Event, we’re anticipating next-gen displays, thinner bezels, and (more importantly) powerful silicon processors. Whilst we expect the whole range to be updated in 2021 we think a 24-inch device will be first on the list. A couple of months ago tech leaker Jon Prosser revealed that this fresh Mac would be available in different colours – like the original iMacs. Another reliable leaker (‘Lovetodream’) seemingly confirmed this with a tweet showing rainbow colours and an iMac. What’s more, the invite for the ‘Spring Loaded’ event has spring colours that match those displayed in the iMac leaks. 

iPad Pro models 

The iMac isn’t the only Apple product in need of a refresh – the iPad Pro is long overdue for an update too. As well as new screen mini LED screen technology, it’s expected that some models will be available to purchase at a lower price point. Likewise, we’re also predicting the release of a more affordable iPad and iPad mini over the coming months.  

One thing to note is that Apple only updated the iPad and iPad Air as recently as September 2020, and there are rumours of manufacturing shortages in the LED technology. Therefore, the iPad Pros may also be seen later on in the year. Be that as it may, after this on-again-off-again Apple event situation, we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed and our hopes high.  

Apple AirTags 

After years of rumours and disappointment, Apple may finally release its Bluetooth item tracker. Much like the popular Tile tracker, the long-promised Apple AirTags will help users find their everyday essentials (such as their keys and wallet) using the Find My app. What prompted this rumour? The Find My app itself.  

Previously, the application was restructured to locate only Apple devices. However, when iOS 14.5 beta 3 was released earlier this month, Apple opened up the Find My app to third-party products. While this could mean we’ll be seeing AirTags on the supermarket shelves at some point this year, it’s also possible that Apple is just branching out, allowing third-party device manufacturers to build products using the service.  

Leasing your Mac 

Following weeks of uncertainty, we can’t wait to see what new products Apple has in store for us at its ‘Spring Loaded’ event. One thing to note is that while we may see the release of a low-cost iPad Pro, it’s likely that the upcoming Mac devices will still be at their usual premium price. 

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