15th July 2020

What’s The Best Graphics Card For The 16-Inch MacBook Pro?

If you’re an Apple enthusiast, like us, then you’ll have been delighted when the tech giant revealed that the 16-inch MacBook Pro has been upgraded to an AMD Radeon Pro 5600M graphics card. Previously, the 5500M graphics option was the top of the range so it’s safe to say that the results for the 5600M GPU truly are astounding.

Here, we explore what the update means as well as why it’s – without a doubt – the choice 16-inch MacBook Pro graphics card.


The upgrade to 5600M sees the 16” device receive a massive boost in performance, being 50% quicker than the 5500M. In fact, it matches up to that of desktop Macs, with the added benefit of it costing you less and being completely portable.

Plus, the advantages don’t stop there. Its raw processing has improved by over 3% and the 5600M brings with it the more optimised Navi 12 (compared to 5500M’s Navi 14). There’s also better cooling for the processor and its video editing abilities are even faster, proving particularly helpful for creative agencies.


The 5600M GPU’s performance is even on par with RTX 2060 cards. In fact, it’s better. This is because when you unplug a laptop with 2060 cards, the performance declines significantly. With the 5600M, there’s barely any difference.

Plus, the 2060 can’t rely on big power bricks or be powered through USB-C power. Therefore, if you want fantastic performance on the go, your best choice is the 5600M graphics card. The battery life is so much better too, and it can use a low-cost USB-C power bank easily as the device uses less than 100W of power in total.

On top of this, the 5600M has been tested against the most powerful Windows laptops and even beats these! Through a 16-inch MacBook Pro with the 5600M, you’ll end up paying less overall and having a quicker CPU.


An external graphics performance unit is an option and it certainly has its benefits, but we don’t recommend it with many Mac devices. After all, testing revealed that the 13-inch device is actually faster without an eGPU. It’s also been shown that when used with a MacBook Air, the device overheats almost immediately and performs extremely slowly. The eGPU’s optimisation just isn’t as good, and their performance is particularly slow for tasks like video editing.

With the 16-inch MacBook Pro, an eGPU is rendered completely redundant. This is because it has an incredibly efficient and powerful graphics card already. For those who want to have the maximum power possible, then it’s a no-brainer to go for the 5600M graphics card. Whilst this does come at a slightly more premium price, it’s built into the MacBook Pro which means high performance can happen anywhere. With an external GPU, utmost performance requires you to purchase a monitor as well.

When to purchase the 16-inch MacBook Pro

With the higher-end ARM-based Macs having been announced at WWDC, you might think it’d be worth waiting for these rather than buying the 16-inch MacBook Pro right now. However, it’s important to note that their full introduction will take two years. Plus, the apps will need to be re-optimised for the ARM-based chips so you’ll have to be patient with that too.

Whether the 16” device will be the first Mac to come with these new processors, we don’t know – but what we do know is that currently the 16-inch MacBook Pro with 5600M is incredibly fast and reliable.

So, if you were going to purchase one more Intel-powered device before the full transition to ARM-based processors, then this device is definitely it.

MacBook Pro leasing

If you do decide to go for the 16” device – or any other Mac product – then you may find a curveball when it comes to cost. However, there is a solution: leasing.

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