20th November 2019

Everything The 16-Inch MacBook Pro Brings Over The 15-Inch

It was rumoured for an autumn release, and it’s happened: the 16-inch MacBook Pro has arrived with a bunch of super useful features.

In this blog, we explore how exactly it’s different compared to the 15-inch…


Obviously the 16-inch has a larger display size than its predecessor – and as a result, there are 30% more pixels and a 3,072 x 1,920 pixel resolution.

While it might not be 4K, it does benefit from boosted battery life. Plus, 4K isn’t entirely off the cards either. Apple needs to compete, and as many key players in the market begin to offer it, perhaps the next MacBook Pro will boast 4K.

Keyboard and Touch Bar

It was rumoured that MacBook Pro keyboards would have their butterfly mechanisms replaced with a scissor one – and this is certainly the case with the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

The Butterfly keyboards have been a point of contention for a while now and users of the new machine will no longer have to struggle with the butterfly mechanism. Apple has reverted to a more traditional scissor key that is widely reported to be more durable, quieter and with a comfortable feel.

The Touch Bar has also been adapted. There is now a physical ESC key, which will be a welcome addition to developers. When it comes to coding the ability to easily remove the auto-suggests or undo a Command Tab by simply hitting the escape key will be a welcome addition.  Finally, the Touch ID sensor is now separated from the main bar.

Processor and RAM

The new 16” MacBook Pro utilises the same 9th generation Coffee Lake processor.  As for RAM, you can now get more – up to 64GB along with a maximum of 8TB of SSD storage. The machines have also benefited from an increase in their standard storage capacities. The entry-level 2.6Ghz machine comes with 512GB SSD whilst its big brother comes with a decent 1TB of SSD storage.


The 16-inch comes equipped with the AMD Radeon Pro 5000M series of GPUs. The standard 5300 and 5500 give the machines 4GB graphics capability and recent tests suggest that offer significant improvements over the 555X cards that came with the 15” MacBook Pro.

The result is quicker rendering and seamless playback. This will prove especially beneficial to those creative enterprises maximising on the capabilities of the Mac.

Power adaptor

The new MacBook Pro comes with a 96W USB-C power adaptor, and there’s even better news – the Pro Display XDR, also due to be unveiled this autumn, will have this too. Offering an extra 12 watts of power compared to the 15-inch, Apple has tweaked the 16-inch to include a 35% larger heat sink and 28% additional airflow. In fact, the adaptor has more power than is actually needed for a portable device – so the 16-inch will be far from lacking!


If you’re wondering about the price tag for the new MacBook Pro, it’s the same as the old 15” model but as with any high-quality Apple product… it’s hefty. However, don’t worry if this isn’t something your small business can afford upfront. There is a way to maintain cash flow and get all the benefits of the Mac: leasing.
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