24th June 2015

Introducing the iPad Pro…

During late 2013 and early 2014, we were all getting very excited about the prospect of the iPad Pro. This was a 12” version of the iPad that would be targeted at the business user.

But the rumours calmed down and with the introduction of the MacBook it seemed as is the iPad Pro was destined to never get going.

However, with the announcements that Apple made at this year’s WWDC regarding iOS 9 many now feel that these changes demonstrate that the iPad Pro could be with us as soon as October this year.

The main changes that were introduced into iOS 9 is the split-screen multitasking, a function that would be really useful on a larger tablet like the iPad Pro. Split-screen multitasking allows you to use two different iOS apps on the same screen. So whilst you are reading this blog you could also be watching a video.

According to MacRumours, the iPad keyboard is also able to scale up to a larger size in iOS 9 hinting that a larger iPad is being worked on. They also report that code in iOS 9 suggests that the iPad Pro will be a 12.9” display with a resolution of 2732 x 2048.

If an October release date is genuine we would expect the iPad Pro to be launched with similar specification levels to the current iPad Air. The exceptions would be the inclusion of the improved A9 processor and potentially the inclusion of a stylus. Some suggest that this may connect via Bluetooth to enable pressure sensitive inputs. This may be particularly true if the Pro were to come with Force Touch technology.

In terms of connectivity the inclusion of USB 3 is thought to be a given as this is favoured by the business user. Although, since the MacBook USB C maybe the way that Apple decides to go.

As with Apple products the waters are muddied by rumours and counter rumours. The talk of an iPad Pro has been around since mid-2013 but the rumours are persistent and have gained strength since WWDC. So we reckon that the iPad Pro may just appear this year at Apple’s traditional October iPad event.

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