17th June 2020

The Announcements To Expect From Apple’s WWDC 2020 Event

The WWDC 2020 event will be taking place on 22nd June and, for the first time ever, it will be fully virtual. In person or not, it’s always one of the most talked about happenings of the year, bringing plenty of exciting announcements. As always, the rumour mill has been spinning – and this year looks to be the best Apple Reveal event yet.

Join us as we delve into them…

ARM processors

Intel processor chips have been part and parcel of the Mac for well over a decade. However, this may not be for much longer. There are rumours that Apple are looking to bring this in-house with their very own ARM-based chips. Boasting heaps of benefits, these would be faster in performance and take up less power consumption. For those creative businesses who need better graphics performance, this should prove particularly useful. The Mac size should be thinner too – as these don’t get as hot as Intel processors, they won’t require large cooler systems.

Whilst we expect this announcement at WWDC 2020, unfortunately, we don’t think there will be any Macs released with them. Instead, we anticipate the launch of a new software for developers rewriting and optimising their apps to prepare for ARM-based hardware in 2021. After all, this was the case when Apple transitioned from PowerPC to Intel back in 2006. Having said this, a new Mac could still be revealed and while we don’t know which device would first have ARM-based chips, we’re hedging our bets that it could be the MacBook Air.

New iMac

A new iMac for the Apple 2020 event has also been rumoured. Yet many believe speculation is because their supply is running low. The new device is alleged to have an iPad Pro design language, AMD Navi GPU, and T2 co-processor. With the latter, this means it doesn’t need the Fusion Drive so this have been removed altogether.

Though, it’s not expected that the fresh iMac would have the ARM-based processor. The AMD Navi would require a desktop x86 chip – so instead, it’s likely that it would have the Comet Lake processor. With an iPad Pro design language, the device may look similar to the Pro Display XDR with thinner bezels and square edges on the side. Having been eight years since Apple redesigned the iMac, a new design is very much on the cards.

Mini-LED display

We’re also expecting a new iMac Pro with a mini-LED display to be announced at the WWDC Apple event, with a release date in Q4 of 2020. Currently, the Macs use an LED display, whereas other brands opt for an OLED display. Apart from employing it for their iPhones, Apple have avoided it – most likely because these displays cost more and have burn-in. However, Apple have been investing in micro-LED tech which doesn’t experience this issue.

We think the iMac Pro would be the first to have the mini-LED display. They haven’t reinvigorated it since its launch in 2017 and with its premium price, this is the most logical step.

Other announcements at WWDC 2020

On top of these announcements, it’s thought that we could see a refreshed Mac Mini. However, this update would only be slight to include Intel’s new 10th-generation chips, WiFi 6 and support for Apple’s 6K Pro Display XDR. The 16-inch MacBook Pro may also see a small refresh, with the potential to be fitted with the new Intel 10th-generation processors too.

There’s a possibility of Xcode, Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X coming to the iPad Pro too. Plus, there could be a revised iPad Air with USB-C. It’s also strongly expected that we’ll see a variety of software updates: iOS 14, iPad OS 14, tvOS 14, watchOS 7, and macOS 10.16. The watchOS 7 is expected to have a host of new functionalities, such as ‘Share Your Face’ and ‘Schooltime’. The macOS 10.16 could also potentially have features which are being brought to the new iOS 14, including changes to the Messages app.

Leasing your Mac

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