10th April 2019

Maintaining A Positive Cash Flow In The New Tax Year

The turn of a new tax year is a great time for a financial fresh start in business. However, with technology an integral part of the corporate world, and high prices attached to quality devices, working out how to balance costs isn’t easy.

Thankfully, there are methods available to ensure that you can maintain a positive cash flow throughout the tax year.


Use your time wisely

In business, time is money. The more input, the higher your returns are likely to be. But, this doesn’t have to mean working extra hours – instead you can maximise productivity by guaranteeing minimal business downtime. For example, losing data or access to your files would cause disruption, but these situations are easily avoided by using the features already available with Apple products. iCloud storage is fantastic for safely backing up data online.


You can also take advantage of Mac hacks to boost efficiency. These include speeding up your device with a handy shortcut that allows closing or switching between running applications much quicker.


Buy the device you need

Another way to boost business and costs is to ensure your devices are suited to your requirements. A Mac that works quickly and has an appropriate amount of RAM will increase efficiency. However, this may come with other features that trigger a high price.

If these functionalities aren’t valuable to your business, do your research and look into features that are truly necessary for your operations. Try to separate those that are more ‘nice to have’ than essential. This will help you to find the Mac you need: one that can perform as you require, without risking cash flow.


Spread your costs

It may be that your desired device has a price tag that could still cause you to be concerned about money. Balancing the cost of the Mac versus the cost to your business’ efficiency if you don’t purchase it will make for a difficult decision. So instead, choose an alternative: leasing.

Rather than paying a substantial capital outlay upfront, the cost can be spread over a period of time.


Choose Lease Loop

If you’ve decided to lease a Mac, then next on the list is to choose a reliable and professional leasing partner. There’s no need to look any further than Lease Loop. We don’t simply offer a means to leasing – we also deliver an unparalleled service. From a swift leasing process to support in tough times, it’s no surprise that our clients continue working with us as their businesses grow.

On top of this, AppleCare for Business is included with every Mac, providing you with benefits such as 24/7 telephone support from Apple and three-year parts and labour hardware warranty.

Plus, there are a range of leasing options available. To find out which is most suitable for your business, get in touch with our team today.