29th July 2020

What New Macs Can We Expect Over The Next 2 Years?

Apple recently announced the switch to ARM processors. However, they also revealed at their WWDC 2020 event that there would be a two-year transition period until the Intel chips are phased out completely. We now know that over the next 24 months there will be new Intel and ARM-based devices – but the question is, what Macs can we expect?

Here, we detail what we think could be on the horizon…

Intel Macs

For starters, we’re strongly foreseeing an Intel 27-inch iMac – and soon. There’s lots of evidence that points to this: the shorter WWDC event, Apple’s EEC filing, and the fact that it’s been out of stock since 11th June. Its shipping date is also being continuously pushed back, suggesting a new one is coming – albeit with supply chain issues.

In terms of MacBooks, we believe the 16-inch device will have one last Intel refresh this Autumn – with a 10th-generation chip and smaller updates such as Wi-Fi 6. This is because it’s at the higher-end scale of the Mac range, meaning optimisation for the ARM-based chips will take longer. Therefore devices at the lower-end like the 13-inch MacBook 1.4Ghz, MacBook Air and Mac mini, will be some of the first to get the new processors.

The only other Mac we think will see an upgrade with Intel is the Mac Pro – though this might not be until 2022. We’ve got to mention the iMac Pro too, which we think will see a final upgrade to include a new Big Navi graphics card and a mini-LED display – before swapping to the ARM-based processors.

ARM-based Macs

As for the new devices to come with the silicon processor, we’re strongly anticipating the first to be a completely redesigned 24-inch iMac. Typically, an October Special Event takes place every other year, and with the last one having been in 2018 we envision this October is when it’ll be announced.

Whilst we expect a new 27-inch iMac in the coming weeks, we don’t think it’ll be too long until there’s an ARM-based 27” device. In fact, we’re hoping to see it by the summer of 2021 – with a full redesign and a Mini-LED display.

We also predict a new 13-inch MacBook Pro.  We don’t think it will be the recently upgraded 2Ghz machines but the 1.4Ghz base models instead. These devices were the only ones that weren’t upgraded to a 10th-generation Intel processor, so it’s a logical step for Apple. We wouldn’t be surprised to see these released by the end of the year, even at the October event,  along with an ARM-based MacBook Air. These devices being released first provides developers with more time to optimise the higher-end Macs.

Whilst the Mac mini is at the lower-end of the product line up, we actually don’t think there will be a new one until the end of 2021 – simply because the last three Mac minis have been released at this time of year. However, it’s looking like the much-awaited 14” MacBook Pro will be released in the summer or autumn of 2021, with a complete redesign, mini-LED display and this new ARM-based chip. It’s likely that a new 16-inch Mac will share these features and be launched at the same time.

Beyond the next two years

The transition period is until 2022, and while some devices won’t be released with an Intel processor after this point, it will take a while until they’re launched with ARM processors.

Therefore, the high-end devices, which require additional time to be optimised for this market, won’t have these new chips for some time. This includes the 5K iMac which we envision will come in 2021, and the iMac Pro in 2023.

As for the Mac Pro, we can’t imagine this to have an ARM-based processor until 2023 or maybe even 2024. This is because it’s configurable, and so there will be more issues to work around.

Apple Mac leasing

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