1st July 2020

Is A New Intel 27-Inch iMac On Its Way?

The WWDC 2020 event was just as exhilarating as we anticipated – delivering announcements such as macOS Big Sur and Apple’s very own ARM processors.

However, despite there being no talk of a new iMac, we’re pretty positive that a fresh Intel 27-inch iMac could be arriving very soon. In fact, we’re so positive that we’ve detailed exactly why in this blog, as well as the features we expect it will have…

Availability, or a lack of?

Firstly, there’s the fact you can’t order the 27-inch iMac right now. Every single configuration has been out of stock since 11th June. Via the Apple website, you can get the 21.5-inch iMac tomorrow, but the 27-inch isn’t available until 14th July – at the earliest.

Perhaps they truly are out of stock… or maybe they’re paving the way for a brand-new one to arrive. Originally, the 27-inch devices were supposed to be back in supply from 25th June – three days after WWDC, which brings us on to our next point…

WWDC timing

Usually, the keynote for the WWDC is exactly two hours. This year, however, it lasted an hour and 48 minutes. Potentially this could be related to the event having to go virtual for the first time ever. Yet, we think that it’s much more likely that something was cut – specifically, the announcement of a new 2020 iMac.

Many Apple enthusiasts, including us, had been almost certain of this revelation – but it didn’t come to fruition. COVID-19 and its impact on supply chains could have halted the new 27-inch iMac – therefore we may have to wait a couple of extra weeks.

EEC filings

Apple also recently made a regulatory filing to the EEC database for one iMac – something they’re legally obliged to do when they ship a device with built-in encryption. Generally, this has resulted in a new hardware being released soon after – so we can only expect this new iMac to arrive imminently.

As it’s only one iMac listing, we’re sure that it would be the 27-inch iMac, especially as the 24-inch iMac with ARM-based processors is likely to be launched later this year. The filing also revealed that the macOS software will be version 10.15. The upcoming Big Sur, which is due to make waves in the autumn, is classed as macOS 11.0. Therefore, this new iMac must be coming before then.


Prior to WWDC, there were rumours surfacing that the fresh iMac would have the iPad Pro design language, similar bezels to the Pro Display, a T2 chip, AMD Navi GPU, an update to Bluetooth 5 and Wi-Fi 5 connectivity. Not to mention, the complete elimination of the Fusion Drive in favour of SSD options.

It’s highly anticipated that the new ARM-based processors will use their own custom graphics chips as opposed to the AMD Navi GPU. Plus, these new processors won’t require the T2 chip either. Therefore, if there was going to be a new iMac, it would have to be an Intel-powered one – especially considering Intel has recently started shipping new processors.

iMac leasing

We really do think we’ll be seeing the new 27-inch iMac in the coming weeks or even days. However, if and when it does arrive, it’s likely to come with a premium price tag just like all the other Apple devices. Thankfully, there’s a way to ensure this doesn’t disturb your cash flow: leasing.

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