3rd October 2018

There Must Be More: What An October Apple Event Might Announce

Every year, Apple fans look forward to the announcements in its Special Event in September. But the revelations on the 12th fell short, leading many of the usual enthusiasts thinking: is that all?


Perhaps we’re too hopeful, but we believe that there will be more to look forward to in October. Join us as we explore the reasons why a surprise event is almost definitely on the cards, along with the announcements to expect…


October: the time for surprises

September events are regular occurrences for Apple, but October’s are more sporadic. They previously held them in 2014 and 2016, with exciting upgrades revealed on both occasions. There seems to be a trend for hosting an additional event every other year. Is it 2018’s turn?

12th September saw the iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and Apple Watch Series 4 announced, but what about the Mac Mini or the MacBook Air? 2018 also marks 20 years since the iMac’s release, but it hasn’t been touched so far this year. It’s highly likely we’ll see an update to these devices before the year’s out.


Mac Mini

The Mac Mini has remained the same since 2014. Many fear that it will be taken off the shelves altogether, which will be a major blow as it’s the lowest priced Mac product. But back in April 2017, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller, declared it an “important product in our line-up”.


Almost 18 months later, and this claim hasn’t been substantiated. Hopefully October will see enhancements to it, which we can currently only speculate on. It could potentially support 4K, meaning it would become an alternative option to the Apple TV. Technical components have increased in cost, so we can expect a higher price tag for a new Mac Mini.


MacBook Air

This device is in need of a major refresh. Whilst the MacBook Air has seen a few changes since it was released back in 2008, ten years is a long time to not bring a product in line with the huge advancements in recent technology. It could also potentially be discontinued, but we think it’s more likely that a new model will be launched.

Rumour has it that it will have a 13-inch, Retina display screen with thinner bezels. It will also cost the same as the current MacBook Air – welcome news to those who require Apple products but struggle to afford them outright.



New Intel chips will be released on the first of October, making this month the ideal time to announce changes to the iMac. We expect this new generation will include 6-core or even 7-core processors, making them much quicker.

The design of this device has essentially stayed the same for the last decade, so a refresh is expected. The screen could be upgraded in terms of display performance, potentially using the same True Tone technology as the iPad Pro and MacBook Pro. Other changes might include the integration of a touch bar too.

Whilst these three devices are the most likely get a revamp, there are also rumours that the iPad Pro will be updated, and the AirPower charging mat announced last year may finally become available.


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