10th July 2019

From Upgrades To Pricing: How Apple Have Revised The Entire MacBook Range

Apple is never short of surprises. Only in May did they release the brand new MacBook Pro earlier than anticipated, and now they’ve made some major changes to their complete MacBook line-up.


The non-Retina MacBook Air, non-Touch Bar MacBook Pro and traditional MacBook have all been removed. Now, only the modern MacBook Pro and Air versions are available. And, these have both had a refresh, in terms of features and pricing. Here, we delve into how exactly Apple has simplified its range, for the better…

MacBook Pro and Air Upgrades

The major transformations are with the entry-level MacBook Pro. A Touch Bar and Touch ID have replaced the functions keys, plus it will incorporate new Intel processors too. They’ve swapped the 2.3GHz dual-core 7th Generation Core i5 chips for 1.4GHz quad-core 8th Generation Core i5 ones (a maximum 3.9GHz boost is available too).

The processors for the MacBook Air will remain the same. Instead their update comes in the form of being fitted with Apple’s True True display technology. This is a feature typically found on iPads, which allows for automatically adjusted displays, depending on ambient light.

Pricing changes

That’s not the only difference. Surprisingly, the MacBook Air saw a deduction in price – dropping by £100. The now advanced MacBook Pro, however, increased. Each model has had £50 added to its price tag, and the most premium version has increased by £100. Whilst this will cost a little more, it is the least expensive Touch Bar model available.

On top of this, the cost of SSD upgrades across the entire Mac line-up have been reduced – and substantially. From the iMac, to the MacBook Pro, to the Mac Mini, you’ll pay significantly less. It’s also rumoured that both models will have their keyboards replaced with a scissor mechanism. As these are cheaper to manufacture than the current – and widely criticised – butterfly mechanisms, users may benefit from not only better functionality, but an even lower cost.

Balancing value and cash flow

These present and anticipated changes are certainly providing value for money. However, the upfront cost of any Mac device is still a hefty one, leading to cash flow concerns for many businesses.

Instead of hesitating before purchasing, you can take advantage of the capabilities of the Mac and be cost-effective too – simply choose to lease. You’ll spread the major capital outlay across a longer period of time, maintaining cash flow in the process.

At Lease Loop, we get to know your business and can help you find a leasing option to fit your requirements.  Plus, you’ll benefit from a long-term relationship with us – there’s support such as AppleCare for Busi­­­ness, and a temporary loan machine service if your Mac needs to be taken away for repair.

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