7th December 2015

The Demise of the Macbook Air?

Has Apple called time on the 11” MacBook Air? The latest rumours suggest that the MacBook Air line up will be revitalised at next June’s WWDC, including removing the 11” version completely.

With Apple launching the 12” MacBook and the iPad Pro this year it isn’t too hard to imagine that the 11” MacBook Air may now be deemed to be redundant. Both of the other two models are larger and both come with a Retina Display.

The rumours surrounding the MacBook Air are all consistently predicting that the Air range will be changed to include 13” and 15” models. There is a general consensus that the Air is due for a redesign as it has been 8 years since the model was launched.

Whilst it is fair to expect the latest Intel Skylake processors, better graphics and alike the main thing that the Air range is missing is a Retina Display. MacWorld report that they could envisage a 15” model coming with a Retina Display but maybe the 13” model missing out to ensure a relatively low price point. We would also expect to see USB-C as the standard connection now that Intel has integrated Thunderbolt technology with it.

Perhaps the most interesting take on it all is that the MacBook Air could be scrapped altogether and instead Apple will expand the MacBook Range to take its place. This would leave Apple with two portable Mac lines. The MacBook for people craving portability and the MacBook Pros with Retina Display for the professional power users.

Whether this will happen in 2016 remains to be seen but Apple do need to streamline the models around 11-13”. With the MacBook Air, the MacBook, the iPad Pro and the 13” MacBook Pro with Retina Display there is a plethora of models in that area. In addition, with increased competition from Microsoft it will be intriguing to see what Apple give us in 2016.