6th March 2019

AppleCare Is Changing: How The Developments Will Impact Our Customers

There is a lot set to come in the Mac world, and 2019 has already seen its fair share of transformation. It was recently announced that AppleCare is set to be reinstated. It will be reintroduced as a specific warranty product for the business-to-business market.

It was only at the end of October 2018 that AppleCare was revolutionised as AppleCare+, leading us to improve our service offering. Here, we explain exactly what we did as a result of the first transformation, and how the newly labelled ‘AppleCare for Business’ will impact our customers…

The initial change

The premium AppleCare+ provided extra cover, along with two incidents of accidental damage. However, this brought about a price increase for the customer. At the time, we decided we would absorb some of the cost and enhance our service by extending our temporary loan machine service to include AppleCare+ accidental damage claims.

On top of this, we formed the most complete offering by dealing with the administration burden of insurance claims for all our clients.

What AppleCare for Business offers

AppleCare for Business isn’t the same as AppleCare + for Mac: the insurance elements are not included. However, the fresh product comes with all of the same 24/7 telephone support and three-year parts and labour hardware warranty that most of our customers will be accustomed to.

Upon receiving the news, we felt the best decision was to utilise AppleCare for Business in our offering. This warranty provides the best balance in terms of service and price point. In addition, it’s easier and less costly for us to administer to our customers.


How our service is changing

We will continue to manage all hardware and accidental damage claims on machines where we have applied AppleCare+ for the Mac. As well as this, the temporary loan machine facility will be extended to both hardware and AppleCare+ insurance claims.

With immediate effect, all future Macs supplied by us will automatically come with AppleCare for Business. Our temporary loan machine service will be provided to hardware warranty repairs only.

The best value for clients

Ever since Lease Loop was formed, we have always felt that AppleCare delivered our clients the best combination of telephone support and hardware warranty. With our temporary loan machine facility as supplementary, we are confident that our service offering is of utmost value to customers.

We’re dedicated to providing the most recent Apple device models as soon as possible, and in a way that helps businesses overcome the challenge of the initial capital outlay. Instead of paying a high sum of money in advance, you can spread the cost over a longer period of time through leasing, just like MatchPint [LINK: MatchPint case study] did.

Whatever your type of business, there is a solution available to you. To find out your options, or for further information around AppleCare for Business, get in touch with us today.