31st May 2019

The New MacBook Pro Has Come Early: How Will It Make Your Business More Efficient?

Apple has gone and done it again. On 21st May they took us all by surprise and announced, rather quietly, the new MacBook Pro – something no-one was expecting until July.

So, with the new version of the device (13 and 15-inch) having landed two months ahead of time, we’ve rounded up how it will be valuable to your business.


Performance and speed

The new models come with 8th or 9th generation Intel processor chips, depending on your preference, plus the option to configure these up to 8 cores. This offers a significant performance boost. The previous 2018 productions, which were limited by only 6 cores and 7th generation processor chips, now feel completely amateur.

While the 9th generation Intel processor chips are only available if you opt for the 15-inch model, those who do will significantly benefit from the super-fast speed.


Specialist features

You might be wondering whether you’ll get the most out of the 9th generation processor chips if you don’t require incredibly high speed. But any business can benefit – especially creative agencies and those playing or producing games.

This is because their productivity will be accelerated due to it. And there’s even an option to use the device in a low-power mode. So general tasks can be carried out, with an extended battery life of up to 10 hours. Therefore, working remotely will be much more efficient.




If you’re a creative agency, then it’s likely that you’ll want a bigger screen and therefore opt for the 15-inch model. However, if your business is in another industry, you might be wondering if there are any other differences apart from the optional processor upgrade and obvious screen size increase.

A key thing is memory. Whilst the 13-inch offers 8GB 2133MHz LPDDR3 memory, configurable up to 16GB, the 15-inch provides 16GB 2400MHz DDR4 memory configurable up to 32GB. In terms of storage, both supply 256GB SSD, however the 15-inch model can raise this to 4TB whereas the 13-inch issues only up to 2TB.



Whether you choose the 13 or 15-inch, or decide to opt for a different Mac product altogether, there is support available in the form of AppleCare for Business. This alleviates any problems with a 24/7 helpline. You’ll also have a three-year parts and labour hardware warranty. Not only will you have the best devices in your business, you can ensure business continuity. Plus, Lease Loop  offer a temporary loan machine service for hardware warranty repairs.

While this support is incredibly valuable, you might still have a concern: cash flow. After all, the Mac benefits don’t come cheap. Thankfully, Lease Loop allow you to spread the cost over time, so you won’t be met with an upfront heavy cost.

With us, we’ll find you a leasing option that perfectly fits the needs of your business. It’s what we’ve done for numerous companies in various industries, including digital design agency Impression. Start the leasing process today and get in touch with our team.