6th May 2022

Apple WWDC Event 2022: What Is It, And What Big Announcements Can You Expect?

It’s been confirmed: WWDC 2022 is happening. Running from Monday 6th to Friday 10th June 2022, it’s big news for Apple enthusiasts like us – especially with the whole host of anticipated product announcements.

Here, we outline what WWDC is, as well as the hardware and software updates you can expect.

What is WWDC?

WWDC is the Worldwide Developers Conference. It’s an annual Apple event – but unlike their March, September, and sometimes surprise October and November Special Events, it’s pretty much a firm fixture on the calendar.

Why? Because it’s almost always focused on software, bringing together Apple’s third-party developer partners who build apps for the likes of the Mac, iPad and iPhone. It’s at WWDC where key software updates are revealed, so that these developers can prepare for platform changes. The event also makes Apple fans privy to their plans and, as has been the case in some years, announcements related to their hardware too.

So, what potential updates can we expect this time around? Read on…

27-inch iMac or iMac Pro?

First, in terms of hardware, we need to talk about the 27-inch iMac. There’s a big question on every Mac devotee’s lips… is it dead? Apple has discontinued it; you can no longer lease it from us.  However, this doesn’t mean it’s gone forever. The rumour mill has been churning with a possible larger iMac – or a new iMac Pro – for some while now.

If the iMac Pro goes ahead, it could have mini-LED technology, 16GB of RAM, 512GB of storage, and the M1 Pro chip, according to reliable leaker Dylandkt. On top of this, it will have ports for HDMI and an SD card, as well as USB-C. In terms of its design, this is expected to be akin to the 24-inch iMac and Pro Display XDR. 

Other potential hardware

There may also be a Mac mini, which again could come with an M1 Pro chip or even the much talked-about M2 processor. It’s expected to be thinner than its predecessor, and have a plexiglass-like top. As for ports, these may remain the same as the most recent Intel model (four Thunderbolt/USB-C, two USB-A, ethernet and HDMI).

A fresh MacBook Air with the M2 processor could be on the cards too. This will potentially be thinner and lighter, and have a similar variety of colour options as the 24-inch iMac. An updated 14-inch MacBook Pro could also integrate this chip – though this might not be until 2023.

Possible software updates

As for software, we could potentially see macOS version 13.0, given that Apple has issued big updates in the form of macOS 11 Big Sur and macOS 12 Monterey in 2020 and 2021 respectively. The rumour goes that macOS 13.0 will be called ‘Mammoth’ and features will include Universal Control (enabling you to use the same mouse/trackpad to perform various functions like selecting your Mac screen), as well as App Library and the creation of Time Machine backups directly to iCloud.

iPadOS 16 is another speculated software update. Its functionalities could finally introduce Xcode, Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro to the iPad operating system. Plus, there should be a better home screen with new icons and more interactive widgets.

Mac business leasing

We’ll have to wait to see what happens at WWDC 2022, but we’re definitely hoping for some exciting Mac announcements alongside the usual software updates. 

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