17th March 2021

Is A March Apple Event On The Cards? A New iPad Pro And More Could Be Coming

At this time of year, there are always two questions on every Mac enthusiast’s lips: will there be an Apple March Special Event, and if so, what products will be released? There have been a lot of predictions for a potential date this month (first it was happening on the 16th, then tech leaker Jon Prosser said it would be on the 23rd), yet still no invites have been sent out.

As usual, the Apple rumour mill is churning, making things as clear as mud. Join us as we wade our way through, establishing what we do know so far about this year’s event…


The rumours so far

While March isn’t a definitive date for a Special Event, they did take place in both 2018 and 2019. It’s also possible that 2020’s was planned to go ahead but was cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. However, Apple news specialist Mark Gurman has stated that there won’t be a March event this year. If that wasn’t confirmation enough, Apple TV+ recently released content that would usually be unveiled at the event.

Having said this, one thing’s for sure: Apple is known for their last-minute surprises. Last year, they hosted a November Special Event – something they’d never done before. So maybe there will be an announcement when we least expect it.

Either way, we predict new products; we’ve seen fresh releases even in years without a Special Event. From an updated iPad Pro to a potential 23-inch iMac, here’s what we’re anticipating this March…


iPad Pro

There have been year-long rumours that we can soon expect a new 12.9-inch iPad Pro, specifically with a mini-LED backlit display. It could also have an A14X chip – similar to the M1 chip. However, with the recent iPad redesign, we doubt we’ll see any changes to the appearance of this new iPad Pro.

Release is expected in the first quarter of this year. So, even without an Apple March Special Event, it would need to be launched by the end of this month. There’s also the possibility that an 11-inch model will be unveiled, although this may be later in 2021.


iPad mini

The iPad mini is the only iPad that hasn’t been updated over the last two years, so a new release could be on the cards. Last May, there were rumours of a 10.8-inch iPad (which came in the form of the iPad Air) as well as a fresh iPad mini. The latter has yet to come to fruition, so it’s almost certain that it will be included in Apple’s next line-up.

When it is launched, it’s expected to have a large screen – at least 8.5 inches, but maybe even 9 inches. This is part of a predicted redesign – essentially the same as the iPad Air 4, with a rounded corner display, flat sides and back, the Touch ID power button, and slimmer bezels. It’s also likely to have the same bionic chip and the Lightning port.


23-inch iMac

The iMac has looked the same for over a decade now, so this could be the year it finally gets a makeover. It’s expected that the 21.5-inch device (which is currently listed as ‘unavailable’ in multiple configurations) will be bumped up to 23 inches. Plus, it will have ‘iPad Pro design language’ and will join the trend towards thinner bezels, along with a flat back and better display tech.

What’s more, it should arrive with Apple’s new M1 chip – potentially even the M1X or the M2 chip. Face ID is also a possibility for this device, as well as an Apple-designed GPU.


Apple Mac business leasing

Whether there’s a March Special Event this year or not, we can’t wait to see what new products Apple reveals. If you opt to purchase one of their new Mac devices, however, you may face the same stumbling block as many other businesses do: the premium price tag.

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