4th August 2023

Something A Little Different: The Benefits Of The Find My 4iiii Integration

If you’re a regular visitor to our website, you’ll know that our content is usually about Macs. Whilst we’re not straying from Apple and technology in this piece, we’re talking about something a little different today: Apple partnering with 4iiii on the first power metre that comes with Apple’s Find My technology. In addition, 4iiii has unveiled a free Apple Watch app.

In this blog, we discuss why this is such great news for Apple enthusiasts, and why it’s important to us.

Find My

Apple’s Find My technology is already available on devices like the Mac and iPhone. Now, you can locate your bike through the new Precision 3+ power metre, with Find My built in. 

The 4iiii is said to work exactly as an AirTag does: when the device is marked lost via Find My, it sends a Bluetooth signal to any nearby Apple devices. These use GPS and cellular or WiFi to send the device’s location to you anonymously. 


Find My works seamlessly with Apple devices via the new app. Apple’s previous software update for Apple Watch, watchOS 10, added new cycling features like power metre connectivity. ‘Ride’ will provide an extra way of effectively analysing your cycling performance. Plus, it’s smaller and lighter than many power metres, so it’s easier to fit.

Users can see their stats like speed, power, and distance in real time. After the ride, this data will automatically upload to the Apple Fitness app and other third parties such as Strava, so you can track your cycling wherever you want to. We’d already used Strava ourselves for measuring performance on virtual lockdown rides. Even though normality has now resumed, this technology is still super beneficial.

The importance of Find My

We’re big fans of Find My. Unfortunately, past customers have been victims of theft, and we’re thankful that Find My technology was there in these situations.

It offers the ability to lock or erase your stolen device. We previously wrote a blog about how to do so on your device, and shared the advantages of the Find My technology.

Why it’s important to us

Many of our customers like to keep fit, so we think the integration of Find My on 4iiii is a great way to track health and improve cycling proficiency, whilst leveraging the Apple benefits in the process.

Though, that’s not the only reason. As a family, we love cycling – it became a big part of life during lockdowns, and afterwards. It has even led us into the sport of triathlon. Plus, our business sponsors the local bike club: Newport Cycling Club, which our children attend, and where we also provide administrative support. 

Partner with Lease Loop

This integration is incredibly exciting. If you’re seeking the Find My technology on a Mac or iPad, we can help with the cost. 

Instead of paying a premium price, you can spread it over time through leasing. Talk to us today, and we’ll help you find a leasing solution that suits your business.