7th May 2020

How Technology Is Providing Us With Some Sort Of Normality During A Different World

As Mac users – and enthusiasts – we obviously feel like we couldn’t live without technology. But something we’ve found during the current lockdown period is that we rely on it more than we ever believed – and we’re not just talking about Apple devices, or only in terms of work. 

Digital tools are keeping us up and running in all sorts of ways. Join us as we explore exactly how… 

Keeping in touch

Zoom - Lease Loop

Our Managing Director James is a regular networker, but networking has had to go online due to the social distancing rules. Thankfully, there is Zoom which we’re using through our Macs. He’s been able to keep in touch with the networking group – leaning on each other for advice and talking about their own experiences.

Plus, this isn’t all Zoom is good for. We’ve also been using it to keep in touch with clients and family. It’s been fantastic to have (virtual) face-to-face contact and has helped us all keep somewhat sane!

Taking part in charity events

Cyclists - Lease Loop

Previously, we’ve raised money for the Brain Tumour Charity by riding around the Isle of Wight for 24 hours on fold up bikes. This year’s event was set to take place on 3rd May, however unfortunately it had to be cancelled. That didn’t stop us though…

Our family of four, along with teammates across the UK, did the equivalent distance of one lap of the island (a 100km route) around all our local areas. Not only was it good to still be able to do something for charity, but it was great to get outside, reminisce and take part together – even if it was virtually! To keep track of our segment and stay connected, we used the app Strava – a social network for athletes which allows you to measure performance.

Lunch ride - Lease Loop

Working on our fitness

That’s not all that we’ve used Strava for. The app has enabled us to keep fit too, as we use it to log both rides and runs. There are other technologies which we’re utilising for our health as well – for instance, our Apple Watches show whether we’re achieving our daily steps or not. Then there is Zwift, an app that allows you to ride, run and train through a mixture of video games, serious training and the support of a community.

You can ‘meet up’ and compete in races online. Whilst it doesn’t replicate being together, it still enables you to develop a relationship with others. Our kids would normally be competing in cycle races but they have had to turn to virtual events. Zwift allows them to go for social rides, take part in time trials and keep in touch with their friends whilst they’re off school. Outside of Zwift, they’ve been downloading educational online resources to help them with their home-schooling. 

These are just a few of the ways we’re using technology to help us continue living our lives with as much normality as is possible. We’d like to know how you’re using technology in this very different world – whether it’s related to your business or to your personal life. Tell us by getting in touch with our team today.