23rd January 2020

New Year, New Lease: Everything To Look For When Leasing A Mac

Perhaps your New Year’s resolution is to look after cash flow or maybe you want to upgrade your current device. Either way, leasing can be a great option.

You’ll want to make sure the fresh lease has all the essentials before you take it out though. So, to give you a helping hand, we explore the five core elements that you should look for before signing.


It’s likely that you’ll want your leased Mac as soon as possible, so pace is non-negotiable. Look for an application process that is quick to complete. You should also bear in mind that, if approved, you’ll be sent lease documentation to sign. To speed the process up, search for companies that send this via email and allow for electronic signatures.
Once completed, your leasing partner will let you know the soonest available delivery date. In most cases, like for Truly Visual Post Production, it can be the next day!


Going hand-in-hand with speed is the ease of the process. The use of e-signatures and email mean that the entire process can be much more straightforward. Instead of having to manually visit a letterbox to post the completed documentation, you can submit it online.

The application form should also be simple to fill in – without questions that leave you racking your brains.


Your leasing partner should provide more than a service. They should support you during the process – and beyond. Along with making things easier and quicker for you, they should explain everything in simple terms – including effectively going through your end of lease options.

They should also be supportive when things go wrong – like in times of accident or theft. If your device needs to be taken away for repair, a great provider will offer a temporary loan machine to minimise business downtime.


Complete honesty shouldn’t be an extra – but a given. A fantastic leasing partner will discuss documentation fees. Plus, if you have a Minimum Term Lease (MTL), they should contact you prior to the last obligatory payment fee to remind you about the option of terminating the lease after this repayment.

Your provider should also be upfront regarding the warranty and explain the process involved with getting new equipment once the lease has started.


Ultimately, you’ll want a leasing partner that not only meets your service needs but does so in a personable manner. Here at Lease Loop, we don’t just build relationships for the leasing term – we ensure they go beyond the lease.

Aftercare truly is everything to us. Helping our clients is what gets us up in the morning, and we treat each interaction like it’s our most important one. Because to us, it actually is.

You can trust that we’re always upfront – and will do everything to support you through the leasing process, ensuring each stage is quick and easy. Interested? Why not take a look at our Feefo reviews to see our most recent fantastic customer experiences? Or, get in touch to discuss how we could help with your leasing needs.