16th January 2019

Truly Visual Post Production Case Study

Truly Sweet Visuals are a film and video production company who create cutting-edge programming content. Currently, they are working on the cinematic documentary ‘Winning Isn’t Normal’, which explores the sacrifices athletes make and what it takes to be a winner. They are looking to broadcast it via terrestrial television, as well as streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

To achieve the highest quality of editing in post-production, they need first-class software like Adobe Premiere, After Effects and AVID. The MacBook Pro is ideal for this, providing the slick hardware required to run advanced software.

Founder and Editor of Truly Visual Post, Adam Heayberd explains how he learned about Lease Loop, and got his hands on a MacBook Pro without the hefty upfront cost…

The background

As filming progresses throughout the year, we have sunk a lot money into the project – there are already many hours of 4K filmed material to work through. Walking into the Apple Store and buying a MacBook would be costly, so we decided to look at alternatives.

I researched providers, and Lease Loop instantly stood out. They explained how leasing would put us in a stronger financial position, especially as a VAT-registered limited company.

To confirm this, I sought advice from my accountant. They reaffirmed that leasing would make the process more manageable and affordable. It helped that they were also aware of Lease Loop, and backed up their value.

The solution

The decision was cemented by the easy-to-make payments, along with the speed of service. Lease Loop took care of due diligence to ensure the process went smoothly, and the service was very personal and reassuring throughout.

I was required to edit on a job in California, so expected to be told that my device would arrive when I got back. However, I was pleasantly surprised to discover it could be delivered the next day, prior to my flight! It was hand-delivered, and the set up was fantastic.

We began with a single MacBook Pro and BlackMagic eGPU which, as an editor, puts me in a strong position to focus on my work either on-site or remotely. This has allowed us to stabilise cash flow, so I can focus on the documentary rather than worrying about costs. Our experience with Lease Loop means we will be calling upon them again as we grow.

The support

Being able to lease equipment has sped up the way we operate. There hasn’t been any problems with our MacBook Pro, but we know we can rely on exceptional service and ongoing support when we need it. This has delivered us more than value for money.

As an editor running ‘Truly Visual Post Production’ and ‘Truly Sweet Visuals’, our growth plans will see us move from being a team of two, to three, then four, to hopefully ten team members, including directors and producers.

Each will require Apple devices to complete their work effectively and produce the very best quality work, and so we will happily be leasing from Lease Loop again when the time is right.