8th August 2019

What to do when things go wrong

Nobody wants a misbehaving or faulty Mac. It’s frustrating and time consuming to deal with. However, after speaking to a number of customers over the past few weeks we realised that there was a little bit of misunderstanding about how to use AppleCare and our temporary loan machine service. So, we thought that we had better clear that up.

Every Mac that we provide comes with 3 years of AppleCare. This gives you 24/7 telephone support for macOS issues. It also gives you 3 years of parts and labour hardware warranty.

If you have a support issue you can contact Apple through a variety of ways. This link https://getsupport.apple.com/?caller=cups will allow you to contact AppleCare through phone, chat, email and more. We however, personally recommend that you contact AppleCare via the telephone number which is 0800 107 6285. 

Should a hardware fault be identified by AppleCare that cannot be resolved over the phone they will offer to arrange collection of your faulty unit. At this stage please decline this offer and contact Lease Loop immediately on 01952 876 928.

Please inform us of your serial number, the hardware issue that you have and the Apple Case reference number that Apple have assigned to your faulty Mac.

If the fault has been raised before 4pm, Lease Loop will then arrange for your faulty Mac to be collected from your office the next business day. Please advise us if you require a loan Mac to use whilst yours is away for repair. This will be sent to you the next business day. You will not be charged for any courier costs associated with the collection or return of your faulty unit or our loan machine.

A typical repair takes 10-14 working days. Lease Loop will advise you of when your repaired unit will be returned. You will then be given 48 hours to transfer any data over before the loan machine is collected from your office.

Accidental damage, theft etc is not covered by this warranty.

We hope that helps to clarify things. A key part of our offering is to be there for you if your Mac lets you down. If you have any questions about our warranty and support please do not hesitate to ask.