30th January 2019

Typical Tech Headaches… And New Year Habits To Solve Them

Good technology can make all the difference when it comes to reaching your growth goals sooner – especially as a new business. But many starting out find issues with their devices, and that deters them from getting to this stage.

Here we go through the typical technology headaches you might feel, and the habits you can practice so they don’t impact you.


Losing data

There’s a lot of reasons you could lose data. The simple human error of accidentally deleting files or spilling liquids on your devices, for instance, or damage to the hard drive, a power cut, viruses and theft [LINK: ‘3 Features To Protect Your Mac From Theft’]. Whilst some of these situations may not be completely avoidable, you can sidestep the loss of information by thinking ahead.

Consider putting a backup system in place. There are specific companies that offer an automatic backup service for your files, or you can implement your own – by storing them on an external hard drive for example. Another idea is to use iCloud to save your Mac files. These are instantly uploaded, so they will always be available from your account.


Lack of access

iCloud is also a way to solve the problem of only being able to work from a single location or on a single device. Instead of needing to go into the office all the time or bringing a specific Mac on holiday, you can make the most of iCloud’s functionalities.

With iCloud, you can work as much as you want to remotely – literally from anywhere in the world. Simply locate files in your Apple device or log onto iCloud.com. As the files sync, you won’t have to worry about there being multiple versions of a document. They will be updated in real time as well. And others can work with you in the moment too – you can share a private link with them easily for seamless collaboration.


Insufficient funds

Another common problem that new businesses have is that they can’t afford the additional devices they need when they take on more staff. Whilst there are a few ways you can drive your startup forward to increase funds, such as using Mac hacks to improve productivity, there is a quicker alternative: leasing.

This option helps businesses maintain a positive cash flow. Instead of paying the major capital outlay of Apple devices, startups can spread the expenditure over a longer period of time. This means they can focus on scaling up their business, without the fear of not being able to meet other expenses that they incur.

Leasing has a number of additional benefits too. For example, it’s tax deductible and maintains other credit lines.

There are a range of leasing options available, including both fixed-term and minimum-term leases. Lease Loop offers these, along with AppleCare+. This is a premium service that includes 24/7 support, labour hardware warranty, and two incidents of accidental coverage. We also provide extra benefits, such as carrying out the insurance claim administration for you.

To discover more about how leasing can relieve your technical headaches, get in touch with us today.