28th June 2019

How To Boost Your MacBook Battery When Working Remotely

Ever worked remotely and found that your MacBook battery just doesn’t last? The same can also be said for iPhones. With the cause often being put down to software updates, Apple has made a commitment to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to clearly alert consumers when upgrades will impact their device’s performance.


Whilst this is great news, a shortened battery life is a particular frustration for business owners who are trying to work away from the office. Thankfully, battery life can easily be increased.

Reduce brightness


The brightness of a device’s screen is a common reason for battery exhaustion. Turning off auto-brightness and reducing it to 75% will put less strain on the battery and still allow you to view the screen without having to squint.


There’s also the option of Dark Mode, which Apple brought out when they launched macOS Mojave. This not only takes up less battery, but also has the added benefits of being easy on the eyes and interfering less with your sleep if you work late. If your MacBook’s not been upgraded to Mojave, then you can instead use Invert Colours.


It’s not just the screen that uses light – the keyboard is backlit too. Therefore, unless you’re working in a dark setting, you could switch it off and save battery life.

Turn off notifications


Another simple method to make your MacBook battery last longer is to disable notifications. As a business owner, you probably receive hundreds a day – from emails, messaging applications, and upgrade reminders. The more they stack up, the more they drain the battery.


Simply go to System Preferences > Notifications and switch these off. Here, you also have the option to disable any other notifications from specific apps.

There’s even a ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode, which will allow you to hide all alerts for a specific time. This will prove particularly useful if you’re looking to boost productivity. And if you’re worried about potentially missing something urgent, you have the choice to allow calls or repeated calls.

Analyse apps


If you’re constantly being reminded to update your apps and not doing so, then this can be another contributor to a reduced battery life. The upgrades often make your Mac more efficient, and therefore take up less power.


You may also have lots of apps running in the background. If you aren’t using these, close them. Some apps require more power than others. There’s a battery icon on your screen which will tell you the apps using the most energy. You can then use these insights to figure out ways to make your battery last longer when working remotely. Perhaps you can perform specific tasks, or use certain apps, when near a plug socket. Turning off Bluetooth and Power Nap can also help.


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