29th November 2018

What The AppleCare Changes Mean For Our Customers

Exciting new devices wasn’t the only announcement made at Apple’s 2018 October Special Event. The transformation of basic AppleCare to a more premium level of support was also revealed. Whilst the fact that accidental damage cover will be extended to the UK is a welcome addition, it does come at a higher price.

Here, we detail what exactly the AppleCare+ service provides, along with how we’re enhancing our offering to reflect the changes…


What is included in AppleCare+?

As before, our customers will still receive 24/7 support via telephone or chat. This is a worldwide cover, so if you take your Mac away for business you can still gain access to help and advice regardless of which time zone you may be in.

In addition, the three years’ parts and labour hardware warranty is still in place. We feel that this gives our customers real peace of mind. Should your Mac develop a hardware fault during its lease period, it is completely covered at no extra cost. You also get the added benefit that the faulty Mac is going back to Apple to be repaired by them with genuine Apple parts.

So what, you may ask, is new? Well your AppleCare+ for Mac includes up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage, each subject to an excess fee of £79 for screen damage or external enclosure damage, or £229 for other damage. It is important to note, however, that AppleCare+ does not cover fire or theft.


An alternative to business contents insurance

One of the major advantages of AppleCare+ is that it affords you the opportunity of not having to claim on your business contents insurance.

With the typical business contents insurance excess being £250 per claim, the excesses for accidental damage under AppleCare+ represent an instant saving. On top of this, by not claiming against your business contents insurance, you will also be able to protect the premium that you pay.


A solution to insurance headaches

Dealing with insurers is still a major pain for businesses, so here at Lease Loop we’ve decided to take it off your hands.

We will liaise with AppleCare+ to administer the accidental damage claim, arrange the repair, and then invoice you for the insurance excess. As soon as this is received, the repaired unit will be released back to you. This will be inclusive of the price of the Mac products we have available.


Our way of showing appreciation

We’re providing this extra service because we’re grateful for our customers’ loyalty. With the announcement that the standard AppleCare will no longer be available, we were at a crossroads. Whilst we would have to increase our prices either way due to the extra cost of AppleCare+, we could either simply pass the price increase on, or improve our offering.

We decided on the latter. This means we have managed to build the most complete service possible. We have now extended our temporary loan machine service to include AppleCare+ accidental insurance claims. Couple this with the 24/7 telephone support and hardware warranty, and this extra level of service makes using Macs for business even easier.

At Lease Loop, the customer truly is our main focus. We provide the most recent Apple models as soon as possible, such as the new MacBook Air, Mac Mini and iPad Pro, so that you can be more productive sooner.

If you’re new to leasing Macs, take a look at our FAQs section. We’ll help you to maintain a positive cash flow by balancing the high upfront cost of Apple devices.

To discover the leasing options available, or for more detail around AppleCare+, get in touch with us today.