31st January 2017

Why we’re the perfect solution for Apple business leasing

One of Lease Loop’s key fundamentals has always been to make the Apple business leasing experience as fun as buying one. First and foremost, Apple users are fans, and in our opinion just because you are procuring a Mac for work doesn’t mean that it should be any less fun than getting one for home.

For us, a key thing was to speed up the process of getting customers through credit. Traditionally, this process could take 2-3 days. Therefore, from our very first day, we have promoted the use of E-sign documents.  

For those with a good credit rating, we can get them through the credit process within 20 minutes. E-sign documents are sent via email. A verification code is sent to their mobile, where once received, they can complete their documentation within 2 minutes. Once completed, we can confirm your Apple business leasing contract and place the equipment order. On a standard specification machine, we can have it delivered to their office for the following day.

With the use of E-sign documents, what used to take days now takes less than one.  They can be completed on desktop or mobile, making the process of Apple business leasing quicker and less tedious.

We have excellent working relationships with 3 principal funders – this is another reason for choosing Lease Loop for Apple Business leasing. Between them, these funders provide us with over 30 different funding options.  It doesn’t matter if you are a long time limited company or a brand new start-up, we have the perfect funding partner for your needs.

When Apple launched the new MacBook Pro in October 2016 it provided further evidence of how complex and forward thinking the modern day Mac is. For this reason, we deliberately choose to utilise AppleCare as our warranty product. Not only does it provide our customers with 24/7 telephone support for MacOS and hardware issues, but it also gives our customers throughout their Apple business leasing contract 3-year warranty support covering parts and labour.

As Apple’s machines become more complex, our customers have peace of mind knowing that if a problem occurred a fully qualified Apple engineer would service their machine using genuine parts.

In addition, as we do not provide our own warranty, our customers can relax knowing that we will not quibble over a warranty issue. We will be championing their cause to ensure that any hardware issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. In our experience, Apple has always been excellent in resolving an issue and quite often exceeds any expectations you have when it comes to repairing a fault.

Apple combines fantastic products, with an excellent warranty service. Therefore our role is to match that with great service. In our opinion, it has to go beyond the speed of our E-sign documents or the extensive funding options that we have available. It goes back to that initial desire to make Apple business leasing as fun as buying.

We want our customers to enjoy working with us. Lease Loop and its values have been created through our own experiences. We are all faced with a number of challenges each day and Apple business leasing shouldn’t be one of them. It should be fun and you should be excited about receiving your new office technology.

As an existing customer you won’t find promotions that just reward new customers, but ones that reward your loyalty too. If your Mac goes wrong there will be no need to book in at your nearest Genius Bar. We will come and collect your faulty machine, as well as lease you a temporary one until the required repairs are completed. At Lease Loop, we are transparent about documentation fees and have clearly defined the end of lease terms to ensure that there are no nasty surprises.

When it comes to Apple business leasing, Lease Loop is all about approach.