10th September 2020

What To Expect At The Surprise Apple September Event

Apple have done it again. As we waited in anticipation for a new device announcement, they surprised us by revealing an online-only Apple September Special Event on Tuesday 15th September.

Usually, this spot is reserved primarily for iPhone revelations – a device we’ve already been told is experiencing delays. Therefore, we now think the event will be focused on the iPad Air and Apple Watch.

Join us as we explore what we’re hoping to hear at the upcoming event…

iPad Air

So, we actually know much more about the potential releases than usual – or, at least, we think we do. An iOS developer, Guilherme Rambo, had a dig into the metadata for Apple’s livestream event on YouTube and discovered a few keywords, including the iPad and iPad Air. Therefore, we’ve got good reason to think we’ll be seeing these new devices.

The iPad Air 4 is expected to have a very similar build to the 11-inch iPad Pro. This would have square edges on the sides, a flat back along with rounded corners on the display. It’s a logical conclusion to come to – with the iPad Air 3 having previously adopted precisely the same body as the former 10.5” iPad Pro.

It’s likely that there will also be support for the Magic Keyboard case along with a second-generation Apple pencil. The device may come with an A13 processor, instead of the A14.


There is potential for the lower-end iPad to be refreshed though, but there’s not much expected in terms of updates – a straightforward processor upgrade to the A12 chip is rumoured, with the display size staying exactly the same.

Apple Watch

The metadata leak also brought up the keyword ‘Series 6’ which relates to the Apple Watch. It’s predicted to have updates to its sensors along with a bunch of new ones – tracking the likes of stress, plus improved sleep and blood oxygen monitoring.

In terms of its design, the bezels may get slimmer. There’s the chance that the side button will be updated with the solid-state button which instead of ‘clicking’ would provide users with a vibration – similar to the iPhone 7’s home button.

On top of this, it will have a longer battery life and improved water resistance. We’re also expecting it to have the S6 chip – making it quicker and more efficient. Then, there’s the rumour that the Series 3 Apple Watch will be replaced with a new budget watch, which is being labelled the ‘Apple Watch SE’.

October Special Event

As for a potential Apple October Special Event, we think that it’s likely given that usually these are held once every other year (the last one was in October 2018). Plus, with the current iPhone shipping constraints, Apple are probably going to want to have an event focusing on the rumoured iPhone 12 line up.

That’s not all we’re anticipating either. There’s potential for an AirPods Studio headphones announcement. Though, there is a chance these could be unveiled in the September event.

There could also be the revelation of Apple’s AirTags tracking product, along with the AirPower wireless charging mat and a smaller HomePod. Apple may also provide further information about their ARM-based Macs, as a replacement for the MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro with a silicon chip is thought to be on the cards. Apple did confirm they would be bringing out their first ARM-powered Mac before the close of 2020, and this may very well be it.

Leasing your Mac

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