14th March 2016

Let us Loop you in…

Let us Loop you in. These could easily be our words but they in fact belong to Apple and are on their latest invite to their March 21st Event. Obviously we like the wording but what does the event hold for Apple enterprise users and what can we expect?

This week Techradar reported that last year Apple made £17.5 billion from selling hardware and software to enterprise customers, a 40% increase on the year before and about 10% of all of Apple’s revenue.

With enterprise customers generating this much income means that businesses now account for more revenue for Apple than any of their businesses with the exception of the iPhone. So what new toys can we look forward to?

As we all know Apple launched the iPad Pro last October but did overlook the iPad Air 2. This has led to a general consensus to form that this event will see the launch of the iPad Air 3. Expect to see some of the iPad Pro features trickle down including the A9X processor and stereo speakers. Some rumours also suggest that the latest model may also be thinner than the current Air 2.

Looking at the invitation for the event it obviously includes the colours of the current iPhone range so it wouldn’t be too much of a leap to assume that the new iPad Air 3 may include a Rose Gold version.

Apart from a new iPad there are lots of rumours surrounding the MacBook and MacBook Pro ranges. We have blogged about these in the past and to be honest it is hard to see the wood for the trees. We really feel that the Apple will clean up the range around the 13” size. With the iPad Pro, the MacBook, the 11 and 13” MacBook Air and the 13” MacBook Pro with Retina Display the range is clearly crowded.

The MacBook was realised just over a year ago so it should be due an upgrade but whether this happens this month or at WWDC in June it is hard to say. For every rumour that the MacBook will be upgraded there is one saying that the Air or the MacBook Pro with Retina Display ranges will be next.

In addition to these products we expect to see the latest iPhone 6c/5SE will be launched along with the latest Apple Watch and maybe a new OS for the Watch.

Regardless of what Apple have in store, it is still fun trying to guess and we for one will be keen to see what they introduce on the 21st and keeping you in the loop.