24th June 2022

How The Mac Can Solve The Great Resignation

You’ll likely know about it already – people have been leaving their jobs in record numbers in what’s been described as ‘the Great Resignation’. Originally a side effect of the pandemic, the phenomenon has continued into 2022, with up to 1,300,000 job vacancies between March and May.

So, what’s the key to combating the Great Resignation to attract and retain staff? Well, you can start by investing in the right technology. Read on to discover why Macs could be the solution.

The importance of the right tools

When your employees don’t have the tools they need to get their tasks done, they can’t achieve their full potential. This then has a knock-on effect, not just on their productivity, but their morale too. 

Whether your team is based in the office or remotely, they should be fully equipped to work comfortably and efficiently. That’s why, if you want to boost your employees’ job satisfaction, it’s important to keep track of the tech market, to ensure their workspace is up to date. We also advise reviewing their equipment regularly so you stay on the cutting edge.

Why Macs are the best device

Macs are particularly great for creatives because Apple has successfully designed an intuitive-yet-powerful interface which is much smoother to use. The Apple ecosystem runs a variety of high-quality creative applications, so the likes of graphic designers and video editors are much more likely to choose a Mac over a PC.

What’s more, Apple fans are loyal to the brand for a reason. They have a strong knowledge of Apple products and know exactly what they’re looking for in a device. With this in mind, a survey conducted by PwC found that 78% of millennials believe having access to the technology they like at work positively impacts their performance.

How zero-touch deployment can help

No more wasted hours spent downloading new applications – the art of zero-touch deployment means employees can access any app they need, from anywhere. Apple Business Manager tells its devices to automatically enrol into your organisation’s mobile device management (MDM) solution – all your staff need to do is unbox the device and turn it on.

With onboarding as simple as pressing a button, you can successfully alleviate some of the stress from your new hires’ first day. Plus, they’ll have everything they need to get stuck into their role straightaway. This is especially helpful for remote workers, who can immediately connect to the company network.

Gain access to 24/7 tech support

One of the key advantages of choosing Apple technology is the level of tech support available via AppleCare – their round-the-clock employee telephone chat service. Should a staff member run into an issue with their device, they can contact an experienced Apple advisor directly, making them feel supported in their role and keeping downtime to a minimum.

If it turns out that a device needs to be sent off for advanced repairs, we can provide a loan machine for use in the meantime.

Meet employee needs with Lease Loop

Leasing Apple equipment is a great alternative to outright purchasing – made even easier with Lease Loop. We strive to make your lease a seamless experience from start to finish.

Should something go wrong – for instance, if the person you leased the Mac for leaves the company – a monthly payment while you search for a replacement is a small fraction of the thousands of pounds it would cost upfront.

Ready to beat the Great Resignation and begin your next phase of expansion? Chat with our team today. There’s nothing we love more than helping ambitious businesses to meet their growth goals.