4th September 2018

5 New Features Coming To The Mac

The macOS Mojave release was announced back in June, and is due to hit display monitors in September and October. With the release date so close, it’s worth knowing how it will change the Mac experience for business owners.

Here, we take a look at some of the key features that will benefit you.

1. Dark Mode

Blue light affects your energy levels and how alert you are. Whilst this is great during the day, it’s not so fantastic come bedtime. With business owners having a habit of working in the evening, it can be difficult to avoid the emitted blue light.

Dark Mode combats this with a darker colour palette. You can work at any time of the day without feeling the effects of harsh light. It’s also visually appealing and can make foreground content stand out against the background, reducing distractions and increasing focus.

2. Desktop stacks

We’re all guilty of saving a file to our desktop – it’s the quickest thing to do. But before you know it, it’s incredibly cluttered and you’re spending more time searching for files than you are saving them.

Desktop stacks greatly speed up your search. They automatically collect each file type into a single pile. Rather than scouring all over your desktop, you’ll be able to simply click on the category to locate what you’re looking for.

3. Marking-up documents

Giving feedback and sharing ideas is about to get a whole lot more efficient. Mojave’s mark-up feature, to be made accessible straight from Quick Look, means you can write or draw on screenshots, photos and documents, improving your productivity in the process.

You can comment on others’ work and share it direct from Quick Look too, helping to boost collaboration. Best of all, there’s only one version of the file – so it’s easier to stay organised.

4. iOS apps

It’s a frustration for many owners of both iOS and macOS devices: the lack of apps that are accessible on both. Whilst there’s no plan to merge them, some of the most popular iOS apps will soon be available on Macs too.

These include Apple News, Voice Memos and Home. Additionally, third-party developers will find it much easier to port apps from iOS to Macs. This means if you have both iOS and macOS devices, you can use them more seamlessly in your business.

5. Enhanced security

Mojave will improve how safe your data is on the Mac. You’ll find yourself receiving more regular popups informing you when an app is trying to access your information, like location and photos.

In the background, Safari will be working hard to ensure social networking sites don’t track your internet browsing. Additionally, Apple has plans to make it so that one Mac can’t be distinguished from another, helping to hinder those trying to track you. This extra layer of security will provide peace of mind that your business information isn’t being shared with anyone it shouldn’t be.


These new features are certain to improve the experience of using Macs for your business, but the hardware comes at a price. Perhaps you don’t have the money to invest in a new Mac currently – which is where Lease Loop comes in.

Enjoy the benefits of Mojave by leasing an Apple product, whether you’re a well-established company or just starting up. To discover the options your business can benefit from, get in touch with us today.