10th May 2016

WWDC – What to Expect…

As summer approaches it can only mean one thing for Apple fans. Worldwide Developers Conference or in short WWDC! This year it will take place from 13th – 17th June, at Moscone West Convention Center in San Francisco.

Here we take a look at what enterprise customers can expect from Apple at this year’s event.

The new operating system for Macs has been codenamed Fuji or Mac OS X 10.12. However, it may just be that the current Operating System El Capitan is the last one that will be referred to as Mac OS X. Instead many believe that from now on, the Operating Systems will be referred to as MacOS.

This would make sense as we currently have tvOS, iOS and watchOS. In addition, 9To5 Mac noticed an updated webpage relating to Apple’s environmental credentials on Earth Day. On this page there was no reference to Mac OS X only MacOS.

In terms of new Macs, the rumours are very much centred on the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro ranges. What is disappointing is that there is no real consensus on what we can expect. In fact, most of the rumours are simply driven by the fact that both models are over a year old and due for a refresh. Improvements in processing power and graphics capability are the most popular comments and it could be the introduction of the Butterfly key mechanism that MacBook customers enjoy. There is some talk of different colour options but all in all it seems to be standard fair.

One rumour that did catch our attention was the talk of the 15” MacBook Pro coming with detachable, touchscreen display. Now that would be exciting and definitely something more than the standard speed bump improvements. The chances of this happening are incredibly slim but a bit like a kid at Christmas we like to dream.

Much to the frustration of our video editing customers, the rumour mill is exceptionally quiet on the Mac Pro. There was a level of optimism around Christmas time that some code in El Capitan hinted at a new Mac Pro but since then, all has gone quiet. With some really powerful offerings from Windows based machines, it would be good to see the Mac Pro reinvigorated after 2 years of treading water.

Apart from that we will see iOS 10, the Apple Watch 2 and updates to Apple Music. For us, the major step forward would be to see the 2nd generation Apple Watch with the ability to connect to the internet, without the use of an iPhone.

As always, with Apple, it is just hard to know and so much of the fun of being an Apple fan is trying to guess what will happen next. Like most, we will be following the live streams and Twitter feeds to see what Apple has in store for us.