9th January 2020

Mac To The Future: What Will 2020 And Beyond Bring For Apple Products?

At the beginning of 2019, Apple’s suite of products was different. The likes of the super high-performing Mac Pro didn’t exist, and nor did the brand-new MacBook Pro. The entire MacBook range has been revised over the past year, and the macOS Catalina was rolled out too.

With such innovations occurring, we can’t help but cast our minds over the next 12 months – and beyond – to predict what Apple’s product range will look like. So, what groundbreaking changes will we witness?

2020: the new Mac and iPad line-up

The iPad Pro wasn’t updated at all in 2019, so it’s possible that we’ll be greeted with a brand-new one this year. A spring release has been speculated and it’s said to boast an advanced processor and better cameras to improve the user experience.

On a similar note, there were no updates to the Mac mini during 2019. It’s anticipated that a new one will be brought out at WWDC 2020. It’s thought that there will be internal design changes to make space for a graphic card and improved thermal system.

There’s also the potential for a MacBook Air announcement at this event. Whilst this device was updated in July 2019, only minor changes were made. It was originally expected that the butterfly mechanism keyboard would be switched for one with the scissor mechanism, something they recently incorporated into the 16-inch MacBook. However, this didn’t happen – so it’s possible that a new MacBook Air will be released with this feature.

2021 and beyond: innovative advancements

In 2021 – or perhaps even this year – the Intel chips that currently run Macs could be switched for custom-made Mac chips. Apple have already produced their A-chips for iPhones and iPads, along with adding tailored ones to some Macs. Therefore, it’s looking incredibly likely.

Augmented Reality (AR) Smart Glasses were originally anticipated for a 2020 release, but they’re now not expected to be launched until 2021 – or potentially 2022. It’s rumoured that they’ll have a dedicated display, built-in processor, and a rOS (reality operating system). Touch panels, voice activation and head gestures will be used to work the glasses. Users can also expect various applications like mapping and texting.

Other releases we may see in 2021 are the Apple TV with an A12 processor, as well as a smaller HomePod or maybe even an iCar – though this was initially expected for 2020.

One thing that we must bear in mind is that the above are all rumours. Whilst we can predict what they might bring, we can never be 100% certain – and Apple is no stranger to a surprise announcement. However, with every potential Apple release and update, we are certain that they will come at a premium price.

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