21st September 2015

Apple news app not yet in UK…

Last week iOS 9 was officially launched to the usual mixture of adulation and condemnation. There has been one omission that people in the UK at least seem to be a little peeved about and that is that Apple News hasn’t yet made it to the UK.

Essentially Apple News is an App that will allow you to source the content that is of interest to you in one place. You won’t for example have to switch from App to App to get the content that interests you on a daily basis. The reason why it is delayed in the UK seems to be that Apple wanted to get the US launch to go without a hitch.

Apple News will be coming to the UK and the belief is that it will be with us when iOS 9.1 launches. Taking into account the previous timescales it takes for Apple to release its first upgrade to iOS, this should be in mid October.

There are ways in which you can get the Apple News App and that is by changing your location. You can do this by following these simple steps. Go to Settings > General > Language and Region, select USA. Then all you need to do is restart your device.

However, be aware that by changing your location you are also changing a few other settings on your device. The date for example will no longer be shown as 24/9/2015 but 9/25/2015 and the default language will be English US and the £ sign in your keyboard will have moved.

Being very British about these things we cannot stand the date being shown with the month first so we will wait for the Apple News App to be officially released in the UK.