20th October 2023

The New Apple Pencil: Features And Compatibility

Apple made a quiet but exciting announcement via a press release this week: they’re releasing a new Apple Pencil equipped with USB-C functionality. What’s more, it’s less costly than its predecessors, coming in at an entry-level price.

In this blog, we’ll detail all the features it has, along with how it measures up to the first and second-generation Apple Pencils.

What are the new Apple Pencil features?

This fresh Apple Pencil can support hover with M2 versions of the iPad Pro, enabling a much better level of accuracy. It also connects magnetically to the edge of an iPad, similar to the second generation. Just like the previous models, it has advanced pixel-perfect accuracy, low latency, and tilt sensitivity.

The USB-C port is, without a doubt, the biggest upgrade. The first generation used the Lightning port for charging – and was therefore incompatible with many of the newer iPads. The second generation charged wirelessly, but it didn’t work with the 10th-generation iPad. 

Now, the new Apple Pencil works with any iPad that uses a USB-C port – but interestingly, this excludes the lowest-cost iPad despite this being the cheapest Apple Pencil.

Being an entry-level tool, it’s not equipped with all the advanced capabilities of the second-generation Apple Pencil. There’s no pressure sensitivity, wireless pairing and charging, or the ability to change tools by tapping twice. We’re surprised by the loss of pressure sensitivity, especially when it even featured on the first generation!

How does the new Apple Pencil compare?

Apple’s newest Pencil means there is a more affordable option on the market, and enthusiasts have more choice. In any case, the earlier generations of the Apple Pencil don’t appear to be going anywhere, so Pencils with Lightning charging or more advanced features are still available. 

Apple Pencil (first generation) Apple Pencil (second generation) Apple Pencil (USB-C)
Pixel-perfect precision Yes Yes Yes
Low latency Yes Yes Yes
Tilt sensitivity Yes Yes Yes
Pressure sensitivity Yes Yes No
Magnetic attachment No Yes Yes
Wireless pairing and charging No Yes No
Supports Apple Pencil hover No Yes Yes
Double-tap for tool switching No No Yes
Free engraving No No Yes
iPad 6th to 10th generation* Incompatible 10th generation
iPad Pro 9.7-inch compatibility Compatible  Incompatible Incompatible
iPad Pro 10.5-inch compatibility Compatible  Incompatible Incompatible
iPad Pro 11-inch compatibility Incompatible 1st to 4th generations 1st to 4th generations
iPad Pro 12.9-inch compatibility 1st to 2nd generations 3rd to 6th generations 3rd to 6th generations
iPad Air compatibility 3rd generation 4th to 5th generation 4th to 5th generation
iPad mini compatibility 5th generation 6th generation 6th generation


*10th generation will require a USB-C to Apple Pencil Adapter. 

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