1st September 2023

What To Expect From Apple’s ‘Wonderlust’ September 2023 Event

With each passing year, Apple’s annual September Special Event has solidified its reputation as a platform for unveiling groundbreaking innovations that reshape the way we interact with technology.

As we brace ourselves for ‘Wonderlust’ – the latest autumn event set to fall on 12th September – we’re exploring some of the most exciting rumours and speculations surrounding it. From brand-new devices, to software upgrades that will elevate our digital experiences, the stage is set for Apple to capture the world’s attention once more… 

iPhone 15

With anticipation building for the release of the iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro, and Pro Max, durability takes centre stage with a more robust titanium frame. Plus, cutting-edge features and enhancements promise to enhance user experience. These include faster transfer speeds and improved battery efficiency. 

Apple Watch Series 9

At the core of the rumoured Apple Watch Series 9 will be the new S9 processor – a result of cutting-edge five nanometer technology. The upgrade will deliver better battery life and performance, providing a smoother experience that conserves energy without compromising on speed. It will also have features like the customisable Action Button to better respond to users’ needs.


There hasn’t been an upgrade to these since the release of the AirPods 3 two years ago. This might be about to change with a fresh pair that are rumoured to be more lightweight and low cost.

New software

Of course, this event is unlikely to just be about hardware. Some of the much-anticipated software upgrades include iOS 17 which should have a brand-new Nightstand mode, alongside other exciting updates. There should be an iPad OS 17, watchOS 10, and tvOS 17, which are much-anticipated after going through months of beta testing. They may come soon too – as sometimes Apple releases them within days of their Special Events.

iPad Air 6

Slated for an update, this device’s sixth generation is rumoured to come with a new processor, enhanced Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities and more. It will be upgraded from the M1 chip to the M2, and potentially have a faster USB-C port too. If this new device does appear, this will likely be a minimal update – though we could see further hardware releases in a suspected October Special Event.

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