4th March 2022

The 8th March Apple Special Event Is Going Ahead: Which Products Can We Expect?

It’s not lost on us how privileged we are as Mac customers. Usually, our thoughts centre around the likes of lead times, or the excitement of a Special Event – but talking about what Apple may or may not do really doesn’t feel like it should top the list currently considering the war in Ukraine.

Over the last couple of years, when the news has focused on a crisis literally every single day, our clients have continued to inspire us. Individuals and organisations around the globe have demonstrated that, even during adversity, amazing things can happen.

During such times, escapism is incredibly important. For some, product announcements at an Apple Special Event take you away and give you something good to focus on. So that’s why we’ve written this blog, all about the devices to anticipate at their next event on 8th March.

New chip

We first need to note the title of the Spring event: ‘Peek Performance’. The choice of spelling here – ‘peek’ rather than ‘peak’ – is significant; we’re expecting not only a brand-new product, but a fast one. More specifically, a super-speedy processor with efficiency improvements. In addition, it should have 9- and 10-core GPU options, compared to the 7- and 8-core currently offered through the M1 chip.

With almost daily rumours of new iMacs, it looks like these will definitely come with the new chip, as could the fresh Mac mini…

High-end Mac mini

The new Mac mini should have a revamped design, featuring a plexiglass-like top with either the M1 Pro or M1 Max processor. However, we think the rumoured processor – the M2 chip – could arrive via the Mac mini too.

This Mac mini will be a more high-end version of its predecessor. Potentially, it could come in a variety of colourways like the 24-inch iMac, and even a two-tone design. What’s more, it’s anticipated to have a whole host of ports: four Thunderbolt, two USB-A, and Ethernet and HDMI ones. Also like the 24-inch iMac, it might come with an identical magnetic charging cable.

Fresh 27-inch iMac

There’s a case to be made for the 27-inch iMac having the new M2 chip too. With Apple having filed three unreleased Macs in the Eurasian Economic Database, we think the fresh 27-inch iMac launch may be imminent.

As for its features? We anticipate a similar appearance to the 24-inch device, though obviously with a larger screen size. Its body will be thicker too, allowing for enhanced cooling and space for extra ports. On top of this, it’s expected to feature a 120Hz ProMotion mini-LED display.

Advanced iPad Air 5

It looks like a new iPad Air is on the cards too. For starters, Apple generally update their iPads every 18 months – and this one is lagging behind at two years. Secondly, if you sit the iPad Air next to the iPad mini 6 which was unveiled last autumn, the difference in features is striking.

So, we predict the announcement of an iPad Air 5 with advanced additions – like quad stereo speakers, 5G connectivity, and a FaceTime camera that supports Centre Stage. It may also have a new, square-ish camera bump to remove the slightly bizarre appearance that the Magic keyboard creates. We expect it will have the standard LCD display though, and no 120Hz ProMotion technology.

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