26th April 2024

Surprise Apple May Special Event: Which iPads To Expect From The First May Event Of The Century

With WWDC happening 10th-14th June, the last thing we would expect is an Apple event in May – especially given that the last May event was 1999! However, this is exactly what Apple has done. It’s surprising but also very welcome, considering it almost seemed that we would go through spring without a Special Event.

As for what will be revealed at the ‘Let Loose’ event, we’re almost 100% certain it will be iPads, which haven’t been updated since 2022. There’s ample evidence to back this up. Join us as we explore it, as well as what these iPads will likely bring.

Why iPads will be announced

When Apple shared their redesigned iPad Pro in 2018, they showcased new Apple logo designs. They’ve mimicked this with custom colourful and artistic logos. One of the logos spells out ‘air’ – just like they did when Apple launched the new MacBook Air with a bespoke wallpaper design.

What’s more, the event invite features a hand holding an Apple Pencil. With Tim Cook’s ‘Pencil us in’ message on X, it’s pretty much a given that it will be about the iPad and/or Apple Pencil. Considering that there have been many leaks recently about a fresh Apple Pencil, it might be that these finally come to fruition.

Reliable source, Mark Gurman, has also reported that iPad Air and iPad Pro stock is low and they’re not replenishing it, suggesting new models are on their way. Gurman originally thought that an Apple Pencil was coming in a March event, and DigiTimes revealed that suppliers said production for the iPad camera lenses kept getting postponed. As Gurman said the iPads will come in May, this now looks to be coming true. Fresh iPad models are appearing in regulatory databases, and there have been new CAD files and design details leaked for the iPad Air and iPad Pro…

Expectations for the iPad

The fresh 12.9” iPad Air isn’t likely to possess a lot of new features, but it should have the new M2 chip and a redesigned camera. The latter will include the landscape camera – a much-awaited benefit that the standard iPad already has! We expect this will change the Apple Pencil wireless charging location, as it’s currently where the camera would be situated. It will get the mini LED display too.

As for the 13-inch iPad Pro, this will also see a display upgrade – specifically, to the dual-panel hybrid OLED display. This will feature 1,600 nits of brightness, just like the mini LED display, but without the drawbacks (such as the Halo glowing effect). It will have thinner bezels by around 15%, as well as an exceptionally thin 5.0mm design. The chip will most likely be the M3, as Gurman stated this would come in the autumn time.

Another expectation is a redesigned Magic Keyboard alongside the iPad Pro. Gurman also revealed it will have a new aluminium enclosure and larger trackpad, which will make it appear similar to a MacBook and result in a better look and feel. As patents have showcased modes and features such as reverse wireless charging, it seems this is definitely happening.

Anticipations for the Apple Pencil

The fourth generation of Apple Pencil is expected to have a ‘squeeze’ gesture for specific actions – such as adding a sticker, text box, signature, or shape in image-editing apps. As Apple has tested a new Apple Pencil with visionOS support, this could be another potential announcement – though it’s not looking so likely.

A few years ago, a glossy-finish Apple Pencil was leaked. It was shorter and had a redesigned tip, and this could finally become available. Other leaks include Apple Pencils with magnetically interchangeable tips and a colour-sampling feature, but we’ll have to wait and see if they make an appearance…

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It’s interesting to note that it seems Apple is dedicating an entire event to the iPads and Apple Pencils – but the new MacBooks only got a press release. Potentially, upgraded iPads may not be all that will be revealed.

Either way, we’ll see on 7th May – and, as usual, we’ll update our website with any new devices. It’s expected that iPads will be made available from Friday 10th May and shipping would start from 17th May. Remember: with us, you won’t simply receive a leased device either – you’ll gain the support of a partner who will see you through growth as you surpass every goal.

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