10th September 2015

Apple event highlights..

As you would expect last night’s Apple event was met with the usual social media buzz as Apple fans around the world delighted in the release of new iPhones, a new Apple TV and iPad Pro.

Whilst the iPhones and the Apple TV are all cool, it is the iPad Pro that excites us most as it is squarely aimed at our core customer.

Over the past few years the rumours surrounding the iPad Pro have truly yo-yoed. Just like the Apple TV, rumours have gathered pace only to vanish into thin air but last night saw we finally got to see the finished article.

Apple wanted to produce an iPad that allows people to be more creative and productive and to achieve this they have produced an iPad that has a 12.9” Retina Display, a A9 processor, that has double the capability of the iPad Air 2, plus improved multi-touch technology.

The first impressions of the device from people like Engadget and Wired all seem to be that they are really impressed by the 5.6 million pixel, 2732×2048 Retina Display. This perhaps not a surprise considering it is the highest definition screen for an iOS device that Apple have ever produced.

The other big positive appears to the Apple Pencil. Essential a stylus the initial feedback is that the Apple Pencil is the most responsive and has the least lag of any stylus they have experienced.

Of course the Apple Pencil has led people to recall how Steve Jobs had repeatedly said that a finger is far more intuitive to use than a stylus. Perhaps it is therefore no mistake that Apple’s marketing machine are keen to highlight that the Apple Pencil is intuitive from the moment you pick it up.

As with Microsoft’s Surface the new iPad Pro will be available with a cover that has a built in keyboard, known as the Smart Keyboard. It is the similarities to Microsoft’s product that perhaps caused one of the best responses on social media last night, when a cartoon from Joel Watson started doing the rounds. Drawn in 2012 it shows the consumer’s negative response to the Surface, whilst predicting that in 2015 Apple would launch a similar product to much acclaim. Priceless.

The only really question mark that hangs over the iPad Pro is it size. The general consensus is that the iPad Pro is actually a lot lighter to hold than it looks. However, some did feel that the 12.9” model was a little unwieldy.

Unquestionably Apple feel that the iPad Pro is a key product for the business market. The iPad Pro is essentially a product designed for illustrators, designers and editors who need maximum precision. We for one are excited about the iPad Pro. The Apple Pencil especially has that cool geeky aspect that all Apple fans love.

If you are interested in the iPad Pro please click here to register your interest and we will keep you informed on the iPad Pro pricing and availability until it is released in November this year.