4th September 2018

Impression Case Study

Impression are a web design and creative digital agency based in Harrogate. With modernity and innovation essential to providing the best service to their clients, they require the most state-of-the-art Macs for their day-to-day tasks.

When the company launched in 2009, Impression initially bought their machines outright. But with the need for high-end Macs, and the significant upfront cost this entailed, they began to look at alternatives as their employee numbers rose.

Founder and Managing Director Charlie Hartley explains how he discovered Lease Loop, and the support that they gave…


The background

We weren’t aware that leasing Macs was a possibility. Once we discovered a way for us to access new machines without the major capital outlay, we approached a few companies. Lease Loop made the greatest impression on us.

We discussed our needs over the phone, and they explained the concept of leasing in easy-to-understand language and fully outlined the features of the contract and its costs. We were pleased to discover that the distance between Harrogate and Lease Loop’s offices in Shropshire didn’t matter – all the work could be completed remotely.

The solution

Impression’s first lease was a single MacBook Pro. It took just 24 hours from saying ‘yes’ to the new Mac arriving via courier. We were delighted that it was exactly what we would have ordered from Apple, but with the added benefit of a layer of support with AppleCare and a temporary machine loan service. As such, we have returned to Lease Loop for a further three machines during our next growth spurt.

At Impression, we have found that leasing rather than buying our Apple products has significantly improved our cash flow. Spreading the cost has proven particularly beneficial when hiring new staff members, and has allowed us to balance the high recruitment fees.

The support

So far, we haven’t come across any issues – but we have peace of mind that we could access a replacement machine within a day, minimising business downtime. AppleCare also provides 24/7 support, meaning we never have to wait to receive an answer to any queries.

We lease our devices for 36 months and are currently looking to add a new Mac to our collection when we hire an additional designer. As our staff levels soar, we will continue to take on new Macs to ensure the team can produce the quality service that our agency is known for.