8th January 2024

All The Big Announcements We’re Anticipating From Apple In 2024

Apple is famous for its surprise announcements, and we can’t wait to see what this year brings. From the VisionPro to a potential iMac Pro, we’re expecting plenty of exciting hardware and software in 2024. 

Read on to discover our predictions for the next 12 months…

VisionPro unveiling

Revealed at 2023’s WWDC, the VisionPro is definitely going to be the product of the year. At the time, Apple said it would be coming at the beginning of 2024. The rumour mill is currently saying February, though it’s predicted to only be released in the US initially.

When the VisionPro does eventually come to the UK, you can expect to access previously announced features such as the 4K micro-OLED displays, the chance to switch between augmented and virtual reality, and gesture and eye-based control.

Mac upgrades

2023 was a big year for many Mac products, but there’s still plenty of ways that Apple could bring them up to date. The MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini, Mac Studio, and Mac Pro may all see an upgrade to the M3 or rumoured M4 processor (though this chip may not come until 2025).

The big expectation, however, is the much-anticipated iMac Pro. Following Apple’s discontinuation of the 27-inch iMac, it’s predicted that a larger – 32 inches, to be precise – device will be released. This will have slimmer bezels, various colour options, a mini-LED display, M3 processor, and more. While it’s still technically hearsay at this stage, there is substance to back it up, with reliable Apple analysts and leakers Ming-Chi Kuo and Mark Gurman both claiming a large-display iMac is in the works. If it’ll have the M4 chip, though, we might have to wait until 2025.

iPad improvements

Apple neglected the iPad range in 2023, but 2024 will see them updated with various features including the iPad Pro getting the M3 chip. This means a 21% and 15% increase in CPU and GPU speeds respectively. Users will experience faster refresh rates and improved contrast, not to mention enhanced efficiency for greater battery life. Their screens will also be brought into line with iPhones through an OLED display. Alongside this, screen sizes are expected to increase to 11.1- and 13-inch. 

In addition to the refreshed iPad Pro, there may also be a new iPad mini 7 and entry-level iPad added to the line-up. Both of these are predicted to use the A16 processor.

Software updates

As usual, we’re expecting Apple will announce new software versions at the annual WWDC. macOS 15, watchOS 11, tvOS 18, and iOS 18 are all anticipated to be unveiled in June 2024.

What’s more, if the VisionPro comes as soon as February, we’ll also see the release of its operating system: the visionOS. It won’t take long for its second generation, either, with visionOS 2 rumoured to be announced in June as well.

Other exciting announcements

A new Apple TV 4K is on the cards, bringing with it an A15 chip and support for either Wi-Fi 6E or Wi-Fi 7. There will also be a new iPhone 16, iPhone 16 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max with an anticipated vertical camera arrangement, a new Capture button, and other beneficial features. We may also see the Apple Watch 10 in celebration of the device’s tenth anniversary. This might be slimmer and have a fresh design, along with additional – and better – health information capabilities.

If that wasn’t enough, we’re predicting the release of AirPods 4 with two models in a fresh design. The higher-end version should allow for Active Noise Cancellation too. What’s more, we’re expecting more than the recent update to the Apple Pencil, as it looks like the Apple Pencil 3 is on the cards for 2024.

Advance in 2024 through leasing

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