Case Study

Life Group

Lease Loop supports Life Group’s Mac needs for global expansion.

Life Group are a full-service digital agency that strives to facilitate growth through quality and affordable digital services. By building a bridge between the digital industry and SMEs, they’re on a mission to help businesses not only see the opportunity, but seize it.

Since their inception in 2016, they’ve doubled in size each year. There was just one exception: 2021, when they increased by 500%. We sat down with Director Stephen Rademan to uncover their secret. For him, it’s all down to their focus on ethics…

A caterpillar beginning

Stephen was previously working at a large, multi-million pound company. He needed to be at home to support his wife and son, so it was a no-brainer to leave his job and start up his own digital agency. He named it ‘Life Group’, taking inspiration from his belief that continuously learning is one of the most important things you can do. The agency would help healthy things grow. This was complemented by their butterfly logo; just as a caterpillar has the ability to metamorphose into a butterfly, so does a business have the potential to transform.

To support their clients, Life Group offer different services in the four departments of: solution, design, vision and growth. After all, as Stephen puts it, even a beautiful house won’t last unless the foundations are solid and all the bricks are in the right place. That’s why Life Group deliver a guided and driven growth plan for customers, focusing on what their target audiences are looking for, and providing this via automation and digital tools. 

Digital ethics backed up Stephen’s idea. They’re as green as possible with carbon-neutral hosting and they also run education initiatives, facilitating opportunity by investing in students and working with learning providers. Life Group also work with young and vulnerable people, including children’s orphanages in Africa. They provide free digital service consultations to mental health support groups, and even join the fight against slavery with their robust company policies. Transparency, fairness, integrity and excellence are at the heart of their work, and they don’t take back much profit – they reinvest into the business and their people instead. 

These ethics make up who Life Group are, and they influence everything – from their business decisions to their client relationships.

A butterfly metamorphosis

Life Group now has a team of 18 people, and has seen tremendous success. This includes being featured in The Independent and the Daily Mail, as well as in The Sunday Times’ Business Essentials column as a recommended service. What’s more, Stephen has been invited to speak at The Business Show 2021 in November, where he’ll share the agency’s journey and what they’ve learnt along the way.

Over the years, their financial margins have gone up – but, for them, being in business is about so much more than money. They’ve managed to change lives by doing what they do.

Of course, there have been challenges – the uncertainty caused by the pandemic being an obvious one. However, they’ve helped serve a greater number of people as they moved further online. Life Group have shown continuous due diligence throughout, and  got up every morning with the same energy and passion as always, despite the circumstances surrounding them.

Another big challenge has been Life Group’s devices. Most of their team prefer Macs, and as their headcount increased it became clear that this would mean a hefty upfront cost. That’s where Lease Loop join the story…

A match made in heaven

“I looked at a few mainstream players in the industry,” said Stephen. “But I found that Lease Loop were the best value, both financially and in terms of customer service. I knew James from our networking group BNI Shropshire, and was pleased that their ethics, humour and attention to detail aligned with ours.

“They made us feel super special from the off, advising us on what was right for Life Group and our future – it wasn’t about getting the sale. The process went very smoothly, and it was fast too. We were kept informed from start to finish. James even brought the first leased Mac to our office, which really made it a personal and enjoyable experience!

“We know Lease Loop are always at the end of the phone, and we couldn’t recommend them enough. As we make global expansion plans, they’ll join us along the journey.”

If you’d like to find out more about Life Group and their services, please visit their website.