Case Study

Sail X Limited 

Smooth tech sailing with Lease Loop: Macs like BMWs, minimal issues, and strong partnership.

We’ve been working with Mark Charman from Sail X Limited since 2016. He and his son William founded their brewery, aptly named ‘New Brew’, in 2014. It’s still thriving, with demand going up week-on-week. Yet, Mark doesn’t consider himself a brewer. Sure, he knows a lot about the industry, but his passion has always been bigger than beer: yachts.

Three years ago, he had the opportunity to turn this hobby into a business. Here, he shares how he went from brewer to international yacht distributor.

An opportunity like no other

I was the first customer of a very small boat imported to the UK. Various discussions were had with the then-dealer at the factory, and I seized the chance to acquire the dealership. I took over the distribution of XCAT and ROWonAIR®, forming Salt X Limited in the process.

It’s been a great few years so far. We’ve seen success, I’ve met interesting people, and attended exciting events – including one where Sunbeam Yachts entered the equation…

Going bigger and better

When I went to the event, I told my wife I was going to buy something small and complementary. Instead, I returned with something big, extravagant, and very expensive! I negotiated platforms with Sunbeam, a prestigious, third-generation family business based in Austria. To put it simply, they’re the Porsches of boats.

This specific sailing boat really appealed to me. It looks stunning, and the interiors are very different to what any sailing business out there is doing. It was described to me as ‘perfect for a busy entrepreneur who loves to sail, uses it for entertainment, and needs one that’s easy to handle’ – a description I felt I fitted to a T. 

Now, we have many enquiries from people who want to look at the Sunbeam, and we’ll be exhibiting it at the Southampton Boat Show.

Next stop: The future

I’ve done quite a bit of travelling as part of this career move to an international yacht distributor. Both the manufacturers we deal with happen to be separate family-run businesses in Austria – and only 150 km apart!

We also have exciting plans for the future. Ideally, we’d like to introduce a range of quality motorboats to the UK marketplace in the next 12 months. At the moment, there are a few conversations being had. Watch this space…

A helping hand from Lease Loop

When it came to the technology side of the business, we didn’t struggle to choose our devices or where we’d lease them! We’re Mac mad! If there’s a device we own, it’s Mac-related. It’s like using a BMW – they very rarely go wrong.

Just like with New Brew, it’s been smooth sailing with Lease Loop. They just make it happen. The hardest decision is choosing the colour and how much RAM we need! 

Over the last seven years that we’ve been leasing devices through Lease Loop, we’ve only had a mouse break once or twice, and I’ve dropped a MacBook, too. The next morning, James presented me with a loan to use while mine was being repaired. It was returned two weeks later as good as new, and I didn’t even have to pay a thing thanks to its warranty.

Our partnership with Lease Loop is one we’ll continue as we go from strength to strength. It helps that James has a keen interest in boats – he spent most of his youth on boats and has previously been to the Southampton Boat Show. In fact, he’ll be coming along to the next one!

Visit Sail X Limited at the Southampton Boat Show

You can visit Sail X and the Sunbeam at the Southampton Boat Show – from 15th-24th September 2023. Their stand number is M344 and C67.. If you want to join and take a look at the Sunbeam yourself, please drop Mark an email at

Sail X Limited