7th March 2023

What We’re Expecting From Apple In 2023

Apple surprised us at the beginning of the year when they subtly revealed new 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros via a press release. Whilst this isn’t the first time they’ve announced fresh products in this format, it’s not something we expect so early into the year.

Obviously, these won’t be Apple’s only revelations in 2023. In fact, we’re anticipating many new devices. Join us as we detail our main predictions for the months ahead.

15-inch MacBook Air

There have been rumours of a 15-inch MacBook Air since forever, and they gained more traction over the last couple years through trustworthy leakers like Mark Gurman. In February, reliable leaker Ross Young shared that a 15.5-inch display panel for this device had gone into production, so it looks like this is no longer a rumour.

It’s anticipated to come with a three-nanometre M3 chip, following another leak that revealed Apple has ordered three-nanometre chips for the iPhone 15 Pro and M3 Max processor. As for its release date, according to both Young and DigiTimes it will be in April. With the Apple Spring Event likely to take place in March, this makes a lot of sense – they’ll announce it then, and the device will be shipped a few weeks later.

Plus, there’s apparently going to be a 15-inch MacBook with an M2 chip. Whilst the 15-inch MacBook Air will share an almost-identical specification (same chip, same performance etc.) to the 13-inch MacBook Air, the 15-inch MacBook is expected to have M2 and M2 Pro processor options, with a 35-watt and 67-watt adapter respectively.

Mac Pro

Rumours are also circulating about the long-awaited Mac Pro, which hasn’t been updated since 2019. Apple shared plans to upgrade all their Macs with their silicon processors at the end of 2020, so when 2022 came and went with no changes to the Mac Pro – the only machine that hasn’t been equipped with an ARM-based chip – it’s safe to say we were a little disappointed.

It seems Apple is finally going to abandon Intel this year – and with a Mac Pro that outdoes every other device. Originally, it was thought to be available with the M2 Ultra processor and a brand-new chip: the M2 Extreme. Now, there are two options on the horizon. The first is a slottable GPU card that allows for additional raw GP performance. The second? The Mac Pro will be the most modular device ever.

If you’re wondering how, the chassis will essentially become separate from the system. You’ll be able to keep the same frame each time, and upgrade separately. This means that whilst it’ll likely come with an M2 chip, in a few years, you could update it with the M4 Extreme (if this does happen), without having to buy a new device. So you’re just purchasing the module and plugging in accordingly. It’ll be a completely upgradable Mac – and a game changer, to say the least.

Other potential products

As for devices that aren’t Macs, there’s a lot of talk about fresh iPads. A bigger 14-inch iPad Pro is expected, and according to rumours, there’s also a fresh iPad mini (seventh generation) on the cards. Plus, the final version of iPadOS 16 is expected in October.

In addition, there will likely be a new series of iPhones in Apple’s standard September slot, as well as a potential fresh Apple Watch Series 9. We may also see a HomePod with a screen, AR glasses, and – though not very probable – a gaming console, along with the long-awaited and rumoured iCar.

We’re not expecting any of these devices anytime soon, though the possible March event is coming up. This could see the 13-inch MacBook Pro revised, or even dropped altogether, alongside the previously mentioned 15-inch MacBook Air and fresh Mac Pro. All will be revealed in time…

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