18th February 2021

Twist Or Stick? Why The 14-Inch MacBook Pro Might Not Be Worth Waiting For

There’s another rumour going around: a new 14-inch MacBook Pro might be on the horizon, along with a 16” device. Of course, this is the trouble with being an Apple customer – there are always whispers of the latest technology! It seems that as soon as you buy your new device, it quickly becomes outdated.

Naturally, we all want the best and most up to date equipment. So, should you stay with your current device, or go and lease the freshest one? We’re here to guide you through the decision. First, let’s start with what the 14-inch or 16-inch MacBook Pros could offer…

The new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros

Both the 14” and 16” MacBook Pros are expected to be announced at this year’s WWDC event. They’re predicted to have a new flat-edged design and a wider variety of ports. Plus, they may see the return of the MagSafe charging connector and the removal of the Touch Bar.

What’s more, the 14-inch MacBook Pro might also include an SD card reader and even a 1080p webcam. With claims it has the powerful M1X chip and features that users have been demanding for years, it looks like the 14-inch MacBook Pro could be Apple’s best device yet.

This begs the question: should you wait until the potential announcement of these Macs before buying any new equipment?

Should you jump or should you wait?

That’s the age-old conundrum when it comes to leasing Macs, isn’t it? There’s a danger that you could jump and purchase a device only for Apple to release something even better shortly after. As Mac enthusiasts, we have some idea of Apple’s next move, but even we can never truly know what tomorrow will bring. Time and time again, they’ve surprised us with announcements we just didn’t see coming.

The rumour mill is constantly spinning. Some snippets of gossip are grounded in evidence, and some never come to fruition. That’s the thing us Apple customers kind of have to accept – there will always be an upgrade at some point. So that’s why our recommendation is that, if you’re eyeing up a device already, just go for it.

Why you shouldn’t wait

Let’s take an example of the M1 chip. We’ve already upgraded to 13-inch MacBook Pros with this processor here at Lease Loop. We could immediately tell the difference; the device is fantastic, and our productivity has increased. Then, talk of a 14-inch MacBook Pro began…

Are we sitting here thinking of what we could have had? No – our devices are doing a great job and we are benefiting from the improved performance today.

Sure, a newer model will eventually come along, and that’s something we’ve come to accept. As have our customers – and there’s been no regrets so far. So, don’t put off leasing your new machine, especially if your current equipment is on its last legs. Holding out for the holy grail could take longer than expected.

MacBook Pro business leasing

When it comes to the leasing aspect of waiting for a fresh device, it’s a game of two halves. Once your lease ends, you’re no longer covered by AppleCare warranty. If you wait for a new model for a few months, that time would leave you at risk of things going wrong. It’s much more sensible to have continuous cover, and still get a new device.

We suggest living for today, rather than getting wrapped up in rumours. Because the thing is, for every one that does come true, five don’t. Anyone remember those stories about the 21-inch iMac being updated in 2020? It still hasn’t been released. Some claims don’t materialise for years – others never do, so maybe the grass isn’t always greener.

Here at Lease Loop, we have a policy. If there’s an expected announcement in the next month related to our customer’s device, we let them know. This gives them the best information to decide whether or not they want to wait for upgraded equipment.

So, take the machine that will make you happy right now. If you need any support with finding a leasing solution, then we’re always here to help. Just get in touch today.