5th May 2023

Has The Mac Pro Been Delayed? All The Evidence That Points To It

Only a few weeks ago, we were convinced that the new Silicon Mac Pro would debut at WWDC 2023. This doesn’t look to be the case anymore – it appears that it’s been delayed again. However, reliable leaker Mark Gurman still anticipates its release this year.

In this blog, we’ll look at why it’s been halted – and when we can now expect it.

Performance problems and upscaling issues

The Mac Pro was originally expected to have the M2 Extreme chip – now rumoured to be cancelled due to scaling issues, especially for graphics. Without the Extreme chip, the only current alternative is the M2 Ultra processor.

However, the M2 Ultra processor is less suitable as the Mac Pro is supposed to be Apple’s most high-end device. Its performance wouldn’t be as good, partly because it has no expandable RAM. 

Interestingly, in 2022, Majin Bu, another trustworthy Apple leaker, revealed the existence of a memory controller (Daisy XL) to provide the Mac Pro with external memory. We think performance issues are the only reason the Daisy XL hasn’t come to the Mac Pro.

Apparently, there was also an issue with upgradeable graphics – which wouldn’t be ideal, given this was the reason the original ‘trash can’ Mac Pro failed all the way back in 2009. Considering this was one of the only times Apple admitted one of their products was a flop, we think they’ve learnt their lesson this time and won’t release a product not fit for consumption yet.

So, what now? We believe Apple may be redesigning the device entirely. There could be quite the wait for the new Mac Pro.

Recessionary pressures and the wait for M3

Alternatively, Apple might have put pause on the new device for economic reasons. It could simply be that it’s not the best time to bring out the Mac Pro. It’s a very niche product, after all, and, at present, there’s less of an appetite for it. 

Instead, Apple may think that it’s better to introduce more affordable devices with existing mass audiences, like the 15-inch MacBook Air. 

On top of this, they might be waiting for the rumoured series of M3 processors rather than using the M2 chip. Anticipated to be significantly more advanced, the M3 processors use an N3 process, which allows much better scaling and avoids the risk of repeating the ‘trash can’ Mac Pro.

The M3 processors are predicted to arrive in the autumn. So, it might make sense for the new Mac Pro to arrive at the same time. While skipping the M2 chip means things will take longer, it should at least be worth it – otherwise, it’d be lacking a powerful processor and other crucial features. 

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