26th October 2016

Apple hit the Refresh Button

It’s been just over a week since Apple sent out invitations to their October 27th event. The rumour mill had been in overdrive for a while and finally Apple delivered. With a “hello again” strap line, we are all hoping for a positive refresh of the Mac line up.

Here, we take a look at what we can expect at the event and round up the best of the rumours.


So how can we be certain that the event is Mac focused?

Firstly, all of the major Mac orientated websites and commentators have been speculating about this date for most of October. Secondly, Tim Cook responded to a user’s email back in September telling them that Apple were very committed to the Mac line up and that they should “stay tuned”. Finally, the strap line “hello again” reminds us of the simple “hello” that Apple used to introduce the first Macintosh.

The key product that everybody has been waiting for is the refreshed MacBook Pro. If you have been on Twitter following Apple’s April event and WWDC you will know that a new MacBook Pro has been in real demand. Well, now it looks as if it is about to arrive.

Expect to see a slimmer, sleeker design. Expect to see a touch-sensitive OLED strip which will replace the function keys along the top of the keyboard. We also wouldn’t be surprised to see the touchID sensor for reading fingerprints move from the iPhone to the MacBook Pro. There are also lots of suggestions that Apple will ditch the traditional USB port and move to USB-C which would also signify the end of the MagSafe charging port.

As October has progressed momentum has swung behind the suggestion that the 11” MacBook Air will be scrapped with the 13” remaining, also with USB-C. It is unlikely that this will get a Retina Display as that is one of the major reasons for upgrading to the Pro but expect some speed bump improvements in performance.

As for the iMac there is very little information surrounding this popular line. We wouldn’t expect a complete redesign but like the 13” MacBook Air an improvement in processing and graphics capabilities is expected.

Other things to consider maybe a 5K external monitor to fill the void left by the old Thunderbolt Display. Rumours surrounding this product remind us of the iPad Pro rumour mill. They come and go but the rumour that an external monitor with its own graphics capability is increasingly coming to the surface. We wouldn’t like to bet on whether it will appear at the event but we know a lot of customers who would!

As always with Mac rumours, that brings us to the Mac Pro and Mac mini. Neither of these have received any coverage in the build up to the’s event. If Apple were to upgrade these models it would be a surprise but a very pleasant one at that.

We will be working hard to update our website and providing our customers with up-to-date pricing on Apple’s latest products as quickly as possible after the event.