17th September 2018

Why Are Macs The Best Choice For Agencies?

Take a look inside the top agencies and you’ll notice an abundance of Macs scattered across the workplace. This certainly isn’t product placement – they are used to produce the very best in digital marketing.

What is it about Macs that makes them the king of devices? Join us as we delve into the best features that agencies have reaped the rewards of.

Syncing functionality

Successful agencies are on the ball, and the power of integration means they can ensure nothing gets missed. If one creative professional is out of the office and another needs to pick up their workload, Macs make this effortless.

Everyone’s desktop and Documents folder can be merged together thanks to iCloud, simply by setting this up in System Preferences. Team members can then go to the iCloud Drive, on whatever device they’re using, and files can be accessed in an instant.

Visual editing features

When showing off your design or photography skills, a simple filter on a smartphone just won’t do. The Mac’s features, like the Long Exposure effect, can help create eye-catching, professional images. This means there’s no need to spend additional money on expensive DSLR cameras.

Moving images can be produced too. Using the Mac, designers can also make viral GIFs for their clients, adding another string to the agency’s bow.

Automatic photo sorting

Daily downloading of photos, in addition to swift image creation, can soon make the amount of picture files stack up. Finding the ones that you require urgently is difficult. The search can take up a hefty amount of time, as can manually ensuring every file is named and put in the appropriate folder.

Mac’s Photos app means you don’t have to implement an organisational system like this. It categorises images automatically, detecting searchable objects, recognising faces and using the metadata.

Built-in emoji panel

Emojis are the social media manager’s best friend, proven to result in more engagement with posts. But searching for them is not – over 2,000 emojis are now available, and continuously having to find the right one online can be a struggle.

The built-in emoji panel on the Mac makes the hunt much less painful. It shows the most frequently used ones, and splits them into categories to minimise scrolling time.

Creative apps

The amount of apps available for creatives on the Mac is ever-increasing, and they only make the work these professionals produce better.

Tayasui Sketches makes drawing on a device simpler. WordPress allows copy to be quickly written and uploaded. And Sparkle gives website designers the ability to craft a great user experience.

Whilst Macs have proved themselves as the best choice for agencies, they do come with a price tag that isn’t always affordable upfront. That’s why web design agencies like Impression choose to lease their Apple products instead.

This ensures the costs of growth don’t impact on their finances. They have all the benefits of using the Macs to help their business flourish, without the worry of negative cash flow.

To discover the leasing options available for your agency, get in touch with us today