14th February 2019

Where Will Apple Products Be In 2020?

At the beginning of 2019, the iPhone celebrated its 12th birthday. The original smartphone, its introduction changed how we use mobile forever. The groundbreaking changes that it brought at the time, like quality internet connection and listening to music on the go, feel amateur now.

The device has come on leaps and bounds since, and the pace of innovation is only picking up. It’s no longer a case of a new revolution in a few years. Now, we can expect them at least annually.

By 2020, the face of Apple products will be completely different. So, what will that face look like?


Internet connectivity

It looks like Apple may mark the iPhone’s next birthday by launching 5th-generation mobile internet connectivity. This will see significantly faster data downloads and uploads, along with much broader coverage. The connection should be a lot more stable too.

Currently, 4G offers about 45Mbps, and it’s expected that 5G will be 10 to 20 times as quick. Video on mobile will be able to buffer almost instantly, and video calls should be more reliable as well. Companies will surely feel the benefit – their files can sync more seamlessly, solving a common tech headache.


Autonomous driving

Another product that business owners could take advantage of is the much-talked about potential iCar. The automated driving system would allow for more productivity, and 2020 could see it finally released: it’s rumoured that the start of the new decade was the original release date for this product.

Whilst the iCar hasn’t been confirmed, there has been a significant amount of evidence to suggest that the Apple team are working on it. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has said the company is focusing on seeing the world from the car’s eyes to understand what this means for navigation and safety. If the iCar is introduced next year, it will definitely be a top-quality product.


3D camera technology

A laser-powered 3D camera is another leap in Apple’s technology. This will be able to capture a larger field of view, and have more options available for zooming too. It’s expected to be introduced via the iPhone, but there is a chance it could first be launched on the iPad Pro.

Rumours suggest that the spring of 2020 is when we’ll see it feature on this device. As it isn’t anticipated that Apple will release a major update for the iPad Pro in 2019, there is a strong likelihood of a big change in the following year.

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